Chris Garza

Diagnosed with autism since 1995, I have been creating dramatic art photography since 2005. I am now a part of the KindTree Artist Guild Operations Team, and strive to bring the works of autistic artists to a greater audience


Mareike Mirsch – aka Cromika Cromika works with whatever materials she has on hand. She began crocheting when she was nine years old. Now, with twenty years of experience and her volunteer role at Mecca in Eugene, she now has access to more fun and frivolous embellishments. She likes the fun of the go-with-the-flow nature […]

Crystal Kralian

Crystal is a talented artist in drawing and animation. Expect to see more of her soon…She is a participant in the Portland non-profit, PHAME:PHAME is a school of the arts and performance.  Our classes range from musical theatre to song writing, from digital photography to poetry.  Our performance program puts students in front of audiences […]

Design Arts Apprenticeships Spring Term

Design Arts Apprenticeships Applications for Spring Term 2021 are now open! En Español Design Arts Apprenticeship Program The design arts apprenticeship program offers Lane County middle and high school students apprenticeship opportunities in graphic, digital and physical design. Students pair with a professional designer, working alongside their mentor to understand the profession, explore specific ways to approach […]

Eric K Thompson

Characters and Locations from my Legendary Hero Fantasy book series “Hi. I’m Eric Thompson and I have Autism. I’m the leader of the Jackson County Self Advocates in Medford Oregon. In addition to my group I also participate in the Studio of Living Opportunities. It’s a great place where people with disabilities do art as […]

Kayleen Stuck

Kayleen is a young author and artist. KindTree is working with her to get this story published and include her drawings as well. KindTree will offer her book for sale at the Festival of Art for All event, August 6, 2022. Below is an excerpt from the beginning. Amazing! “Kayleen E. Stuck (Kay-Kay to her […]

Lane Arts Council Workshops for Artists, funding available

  Lane Arts Council Artist Workshops KindTree-Autism Rocks received funding to pay for artists to attend the following workshops.  If interested please contact Molly Elliott at   The workshops are held in the Maurie Jacobs Community Room at the Hult Center for the Performing Arts..  For more information please visit Lane Arts Council at  […]

Lorin Devine

I began tattooing in Springfield, Illinois in 2014. After completing an apprenticeship and working four years in my home state, I traveled for 18 months as a guest artist in more than 25 different tattoo studios throughout the United States and in Europe. I am now based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, where I share a […]

Matthew de la Tour

Artist Statement In the womb, we eat sweet things. We prepare for a journey that becomes life. When that journey dies… Growth creates a new journey. It’s just begun. The circle is such a wonderful shape. When you know there is a Revolution within- you will Begin. We are all on a quest, a quest […]

Mukti Winterkorn

Mukti Winterkorn About the artist: Mukti is a ten year-old girl who popped-out of the womb with a delightful and strong personality all her own.  She is primarily non-verbal and experiences special needs, but she seems to know what the dogs want before we do. She likes to sit outside and watch the trees or […]

Philip Brocklehurst

My name is Philip Brocklehurst. I’m from Birmingham, UK.  I was diagnosed with asperger’s and OCD when I was 13. Over the years, it’s been a struggle due to lacking social skills. Most of my life has been spent keeping to myself, and that feeling of isolation and loneliness can take its toll, and has led […]

Register Here

Choose from the links below to register for STiLE or Friends & Family Camp or….. STiLE PDF printable Spring Term Registration Form HERE. Online STiLE Registration Form here: online form. Required for STiLE: Online Student Information Form HERE. Or Printable PDF Student Information Form HERE… Scholarships for private pay Spring Term participants may be available. Contact for more information Friends & […]

Shanti Gonzalez

Cesar “Om-Shanti” Gonzalez Jr My name is Shanti Gonzalez. I’m 24 years old. I was born in Belize and live with my Grandmother in Eugene, Oregon. I love painting with watercolors. I like looking at an image when I’m doing my art. I look forward to learning to work with acrylics soon. Images:Om-Shanti himself | […]

Stephen Lewandowski

Hi, my name is Stephen Lewandowski. I am 39yr old and I showed some talent and art drawing and handwriting at a young age. I never pursued my talent at a young age, but I did play piano and guitar. It wasn’t until my mid 30s that I moved into adult foster care through DDS […]

Story Circle Theater Class and Shows, Spring 2023

Story Circle Theater Class and Shows, Spring 2023  University of Oregon Disability Studies Calling all disabled actors, storytellers, artists, singers, musicians, designers, dancers, writers, costume and props creators, social media experts, and sound and lighting technicians! Calling all volunteers to support our tremendously talented cast! FREE and open to anyone over 18 who experiences neurodiversity, deafness, […]


Ziemael in the attic Ziemael spends its days wrestling neurological demons, and watching horror or X-files reruns. When able, with an imago that takes weeks or months to ready, it paints, usually briskly in a few hours, possibly a couple days. The paintings are professionally photographed, formatted for the printing company, then made available after […]