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Disco Halloween Extravaganza III (2022)
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Zoomer Halloween Extravaganza 2020 videos
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But first, a message from Logan and Luca, former members, KindTree – Autism Rocks Board of Directors.

Disco Halloween Extravaganza III (2022)

View this group of videos produced by University of Oregon Journalism School for Project My Voice. 
These videos will help you learn more about autism and how KindTree has a  positive affect on people with autism as well as the community around us. Supported by donors like you.
This production of 7 personal video stories premiered to a full house at the Bijou Cinema May 28, 2013. As part of the civic journalism movement, Project MyVoice connects socially responsible and community-minded UO journalism students with underrepresented groups in Lane county that want to have a “voice.”

Take a walk through our 2020 Haunted House. Boooo!

Interview with the local Spanish Language Zion Radio

Friends & Family Camp Talent Show 2019

Frankie Sharp in Concert
Music & Comedy
in the 
Buck Badley Lounge, 2019


Improv with Brian Sutherland 2017

Filmed at the KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends & Family Camp, 2017. Featuring the KT Improv Players. What fun!! People with autism take the stage!


Frankie n Deano at Autism Rocks Camp 2016

Frankie Sharp & Deano croon for the campers to wild applause at KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends & Family Camp, August 2016

The Raventones with TR Kelley and Randy Hamme

Live at the KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends & Family Camp, August 2015.


Dr Who: the Time Incident

Based on BBC’s Dr. Who, this 15 minute production by Frankie Sharp was performed at the KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends and Family Camp, August 2015. 


KindTree-Autism Rocks Friends and Family Camp Talent Show 2014

Consistently one of the most popular events at Camp. What talent do YOU have?


 Dr Who – the Autism Incident

Camp 2013

The first of 2 Dr. Who stories, written, produced and acted by KindTree Family and Frankie Sharp

Our very first PROM – 2013: LIMBO!

Where everybody dances like no one is watching.

 “Riley Campbell Memorial Garden” dedication, June 19, 2013

Part of an early STiLE gardening group honoring KindTree participant and local hero, Riley Campbell.

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