Stubborn Turtle by Alisa McLaughlin

Alisa is a member of the Autism Community in Eugene, and of KindTree’s Artist Guild. Her blog shares aspects of her life to inspire and encourage others in their own creativity as they walk through life.

Below is a excerpt from her December 30, 2022 post. Read all her posts HERE.
February 17, 2023

I’m a writer so I spend a lot of time thinking. I may look bored staring off into space, but I’m actively creating stories. I developed my imagination at an early age  feeling ignored because of my inability to socialize. It’s an interesting place- they know me there. It’s where I hang out with aliens, fire fighters, or talking plants. In the world of my imagination I’m more successful, likable and adventurous.

     Some people can relate to my interior life as I describe the spaceship I’m designing. “Intresteallar or interplanetary?” they ask and we will delve into a discussion of propulsion and payloads. I can spot the playful by their reaction to Ben. One friend was thrilled to finally meet him, another looked at him with suspicion.

    “What’s this ?”

    ” It’s Ben,” I replied. Their brows rise.

    “He’s real?” that’s pretty much the reaction from the unimaginative.

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