Larry Hurst

Larry Hurst III is a self-taught artist who has great difficulty with verbal communication, with reading and writing and whose skill in mathematics is limited to adding the most basic numbers.

Nevertheless, Larry is a kind, generous and outgoing person whose multi-talents, patience and determination have enabled him to create stunning paintings, and to somehow build remarkable scale models of houses — without the mathematical ability to make measurements.

Larry grew up in Texarkana, Texas where he taught himself to paint by looking at how-to books, through intuition and by hard work. Larry now lives in Eugene where, soon after his arrival, he was invited to take part in a KindTree Artism Autism show. It was his first exhibit and he made his first sale of a painting there. Larry has gone on to show his work at venues throughout the Eugene area and to sell many other pictures. He took part in in a Lane County Fair art show and won a prize. Larry’s work is popular as far away as Orange, New Jersey, where it is displayed in the Arts Unbound gallery.

Larry also continues to build scale models of houses. He created a meticulous model of the historic three-story Shelton McMurphey Johnson House to go on display at the Eugene Public Library.

Larry is a recipient of a 2014 Autism Rocks Artist Grant, supported by the Lane Arts Council to help him create his artwork.


Updated: May 17, 2017 — 12:59 pm