Matthew de la Tour

Artist Statement

In the womb, we eat sweet things. We prepare for a journey that becomes life. When that journey dies… Growth creates a new journey. It’s just begun. The circle is such a wonderful shape. When you know there is a Revolution within- you will Begin. We are all on a quest, a quest to the ancestor.

Not fitting in is a good thing in today’s world. I am less tamed, less domesticated, more like a human being should be. My standard is ancient and magical. Do you want to create a magical environment? One begins magic, it manifests out of your SELF. From one breath to another I foresee and speak into creation the change that I am creation. Recognize yourself and then become Your Self! Every artist is an individual and every individual is a world. Delve, understand, and engrave into your mind what is in the sky… Create in your mind. What will you find and memorize? Success awaits, guard your heart and bridle your tongue to know a depth of Above and a depth of Below.

Art is my example of love and craft. Love breaks every spell. Compassion is my legacy. Determination is a powerful force. My light has exposed so much darkness.

In the far off past Overcoming Dystaxia and forcing my Self to run, to fall and to have my mom sew my knees of my pants as a child was a reality. Balance issues tried to stop me in my childhood. Temporary ankles braces and Never giving up. I have learned you must have a foundation to stand on to ever direct Mother Nature.

I am created to conquer. No weapon formed against me has prospered. I as someone overcoming autism continue to Shine brightly in humans eyes like a quasar. My energy has activated me into man I am today. Every atom within me is self conscious and is a universe itself for it self. No force can stop me because I know what is true and command what is good. Adversity has taught me one thing… Nothings Impossible!

These images are awesome on notecards!

Updated: April 4, 2022 — 9:58 am