Chuck Roehrich

Hi, my name is Chuck Roehrich.

I started doing Art when I was about 8. I got a paint by numbers for Christmas. I had art classes throughout my school years but gave it up to work. At retirement, I realized that I had never lost the desire to paint, decided to start again, and have discovered that I still could. In the past couple of years, I’ve done some of my best work ever. So don’t give up on your dreams. They are important.

I am 70 years old now and pretty much pre date any official diagnosis of being on the spectrum. But I have found out that these people here at KindTree are “my tribe” I’ve been doing artwork for most of my life. My watercolors look very realistic from a distance but when you get up really close you can see that it’s just little blobs. Cool, I like that.


Updated: December 17, 2017 — 4:16 pm