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These are stories about KindTree participants, programs, and events that demonstrate KindTree’s effectiveness, uniqueness and positive impact on our community

Navigating Holidays with Autism: Strategies for a Comfortable Experience

by Melissa Dahl As an individual on the autism spectrum, managing holidays can pose unique challenges. Drawing from my personal experiences, I’ve compiled some suggestions to help fellow autistic individuals navigate this season: 1. Consider Skipping the Holiday:    If the holiday festivities feel overwhelming, it’s okay to take a step back and skip the […]

Understanding Autism: Dr. Wendy Marsh’s Insightful Presentation

By Melissa Dahl In a recent virtual engagement, Dr. Wendy Marsh, an expert in pastoral counseling specializing in autism, took the stage to share her profound insights and experiences. Despite her impressive credentials, Dr. Marsh humbly clarified her position, ensuring no misrepresentation of her qualifications. Watch Dr. Wendy’s full presentation (90 minutes) on YouTube HERE. […]

Growing the Roots of Consensus in Nonprofit Governance

Growing the Roots of Consensus in Nonprofit Governanceby Tim MuellerFrom Blue Avocado, a magazine of Nonprofits Insurance Alliance KindTree began in 1997 with a small group of volunteers working together to serve and celebrate the autism community through consensus-based decision-making. We had seen this process work in the center of a local hippie fair we […]