Molly Nicole

Molly Nicole: “I was born in Eugene, OR and have lived here all my life. I enjoy writing, video making, photography, travelling the back roads of Oregon, and spending time with animals. I collect vintage clothing and like to use them in time period self portraits. Whatever art form I am doing, it’s a way for me to express myself. My interest in the past shows in my photos.” (1983)

Molly’s love of writing inspirational poetry began when she was a teenager. Her motivation to write has been love, empathy, lessons from others, and her connection with the earth and animals. When she was a young adult she found out that she had Asperger’s Syndrome. In 2007 she started volunteering with an animal rescue group and at the pound, seeing the need for efforts to get animals out of jail before they were euthanized. Making videos of pets to use in online ads seemed to be one of the most effective tools she could use, and from there a passion for creative video making unfurled. In 2009 she adopted a pit bull (named Kiddo) from the pound who helped her overcome challenges in her life. Kiddo gave her the confidence to overcome her fear of driving on roads with high speed limits, hence opening her world and giving her the ability to explore Oregon. It turned into her favorite activity! Kiddo is her kindred spirit and Molly Nicole is a pit bull advocate. They reside in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The proceeds of this book go to Canine Miracle Rescue. Her website is at


One poem from “Inspirational Poetry for Peace”:

Death Row Angel

Death row angel walks up and down the pound’s isle
Seeing desperate dogs eyes longing for her touch
They know her well
She reaches her arms through the bars
Alix gives herself
To each dog on death row
They anticipate her putting the leash around their neck
For their time in the yard
With her is their little vacation away from dog hell
And to her there is nothing better
Than seeing a pound dog run
As she spends long, quality one on one time
With them
She loves and gets to know who they truly are
Without judgments or bitterness
She really looks into their soul,
Holds them,
And sees their sweetness, specialness,
And good in each one
Making them feel they are important to someone
She is faithful to see them every week
Shedding tears for what she knows will happen
Giving a special bone to them when their time is near
She is a death row angel
Giving herself, her dreams at night to them,
Giving of her hope, emotions,
Her life, her troubled mind,
So that they can have moments of happiness.
Some days at the pound her heart stops beating for a moment
When she hears that a precious dog has died
She is crushed and feels killed
But if she could see how they still think about her
And how special she was and is to them
She would know just how truly important she is
As a death row angel.

-2009 Molly Nicole


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