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Jane Strauss

Jane Strauss is a mom, a photographer, a writer, an attorney-in-remission, and an Asperger woman. She lived the first 52 years of her life unsure of why she felt uncomfortable on planet Earth, though suspecting that she inhabited the Spectrum.

After giving birth to five children, who all showed some level of atypical development, she found herself unemployed and transitioning in multiple areas of her life. Her general quirkiness, responsibilities at home, and the job market combined to render future employment a challenge at best, so she started an Nth career as a photographer. At that time she met with a psychologist at the local Autism society in St. Paul, Minnesota, and received a formal diagnosis of either High Functioning Autism or Asperger Disorder.

The diagnosis has not particularly helped her on the employment track due to her high level of education and many prejudices against and stereotypes of Aspies, but it does help in self-understanding and coping with new challenges

The books I have been working on are now complete and available! The first, A Part or Apart? is based on an exhibit about including people with disabilities in a faith community, including about 60 images from that exhibit. The second includes three discussion guides about inclusion in faith communities and a section including a number of supplemental readings. A website to add, specifically on these books, is http://www.a-part-or-apart.com.

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