Lorin Devine

I began tattooing in Springfield, Illinois in 2014. After completing an apprenticeship and working four years in my home state, I traveled for 18 months as a guest artist in more than 25 different tattoo studios throughout the United States and in Europe. I am now based in beautiful Portland, Oregon, where I share a private studio space with my partner and fellow tattooer. I am proud to be a member of the Neurodivergent community and to celebrate human diversity in the creative world and beyond.

I utilize delicate, fine lines and high contrast to create black and gray tattoos upon the human body, as well as inanimate graphite pencil drawings and ink paintings by brush and nib. 

Each design is an exercise in equilibrium and an exploration of duality, or multiplicity. I seek to create graceful designs for the tattoo-wearer with counterbalanced fields of pattern, smooth gradient, textured dotwork shading, velvety saturated black, and skin-toned negative space. 

I particularly enjoy re-imagining classic North American and European tattoo imagery, as well as drawing inspiration from antique ephemera and scientific illustrations to create flora and fauna-themed designs.

I create this work to extend to others what I found from being tattooed in the first place: empowerment by way of self-expression and taking ownership of the body.



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