Thanks to You Award Winners


Jed Shapiro, aka Frankie Sharp. Frankie has been an integral part of our Friends & Family Camp for well over a decade, hosting many Karaoke sessions, dance parties, and concert performances. Plus he stays up late and greatly enjoys games in the mess hall with other young people. He is a true star! (pictured)

Suzanne Sutherland
For over a decade Suzanne has been the lead volunteer for registration, fielding many phone calls from guests with questions, chairing the Scholarship Committee, and scheduling volunteers for the info desk on site. Her attention to detail and calm and efficient manner with both guests and volunteers is truly remarkable. She is a great example to all other volunteers and team leaders. (pictured)




Donald Burton, Donald has been the Chef for our Friends & Family Camp for over a decade, consistently receiving the highest marks from our guests and volunteers for his excellent meals and deserts. Feeding 250 people 3 times a day with an all volunteer crew is not easy, but Donald does it with focus, professionalism, and joy. Thank you! (pictured)

The Larson Family Foundation 
The Taubert Memorial Foundation
Both of these foundations provided donations of over $6,000 during 2021-2022 when Covid deeply affected our ability to raise needed funds. Our ability to continue serving and celebrating members of the autism community was greatly enhanced due to their help. Thank You!



Doris Germain, our eminent social skills teacher who has taught our Social Skills Group for more than a decade. Thank you! (not pictured)

Autism Specialist at Autism Spectrum Disorders

Eileen Brixey, (pictured at a KindTree dance) Kitchen Crew leader at Camp, kick-ass volunteer at all our events, former long-time board member.  Eileen’s upbeat demeanor, dance skills, and enthusiasm are a model for all of us. Thank you!





Tim Mueller – One of KindTree’s founders, who served as Treasurer, data master, website developer, fundraiser, board member, Camp Quartermaster, and much more for nearly 20 years, and still advises and manages our web presence.


Tifani Lauzon – A young woman of boundless energy, who supervises many Camp activities – often listed on Camp feedback forms as guests “favorite” part of their experience – and has participated in fundraisers and many other KindTree activities for a decade. 


Sophie, Ron and Claudette Doleman – This family effort succeeds at formating and printing art cards for sale during Autism Artism events, the show in 2017 in particular. These cards provide sales income to the artists while educating folks about artists with autism.


Rod and Susan Regnerus – This couple have been schlepping stuff to camp and spending countless hours in the kitchen for years. This year Rod stepped up to the Quartermaster position in an emergency when he was really needed.





Harlequin Beads & Jewlery – KindTree’s STiLE program benefits from the generous donation of thousands of beads for our Jewelry Group. Beautiful!


Michael Omogrosso “Omo” – Omo has been an extremely hard working volunteer at KindTree’s Camp for many years, working in the kitchen, at the campfire, and always with a gentle and happy heart. Awesome!




Organically Grown Company – for many years these wonderful people have donated hundreds of pounds of the best produce in Lance County to feed our hungry Camp guests and volunteers. Yummm!



the Raventones – for many years Randy and T R have entertained us at the KindTree – Autism Rocks Camp / Retreat, as well as decorating the stage and helping out in many other ways. You Rock!
The Raventones



Springfield Creamery – for more than a decade of yogurt and more for our guests at the KindTree – Autism Rocks Camp / Retreat.
Springfield Creamery – Nancy’s Yogurt

Steve Hansen – for his beautiful photography of the KindTree – Autism Rocks Camp / Retreat.
2010 Retreat photo album here



SnowTemp Cold Storage – for their continued support of the KindTree – Autism Rocks Camp / Retreat.
SnowTemp Cold Storage

Raven Frame Works – for their professional and generous framing services for our Autism Artism Gallery Shows. Raven Frame Works



Robert Pasley and CenterStage Karaoke – for their providing – free of charge – the Karaoke setup that gives people so much pleasure at our Camp / Retreat and our Mask Making Parties. CenterStage Karaoke



Gary Cornelius – Gary was an indispensible member of KindTree’s board of directors for many years, as well as THE recycling guy at the Retreat, a volunteer job he still holds (2010).




Cheryl Nel Applegate – Facilitator of KindTree’s Adult Peer Support Group since 2000 and an indispensible volunteer at our Retreat.



Michelle Jones – KindTree Founder in 1997 and Vice-president on this date. The driving force behind KindTree’s heart of whimsey and love.



Molly Elliot – Director of Eugene’s Adaptive Recreation Program, the source of many artists with autism participating in our Art Program, and a great freind and advisor. Eugene Adaptive Recreation