TR Kelley is chosen for artist residency at PLAYA

TR Kelley, KindTree 2012 “Thanks to You” award winner (with Randy Hamme as the Raventones), has been offered a residence at PLAYA to work on an album of ambient nonverbal deep landscape sounds translated through bass & baritone guitars……….. Of course she said yes. TR’s unique and extraordinary use of the baritone guitar as well as her bass guitar expertise has produced deep and trembling sounds that enter your soul in deep and unforgettable ways. Friends & Family camp goers have enjoyed her “dark psychedelia & melodic low rock from the backwoods of outer space” sounds as part of the Raventones for many years. We all congratulate her on the opportunity. Autism Rocks!

Her time there is not firmly scheduled, but is anticipated to be in the spring of 2018.

More about PLAYA.

In 2006, PLAYA founders Julie Bryant and Bill Roach purchased the Summer Lake Inn, a bed & breakfast establishment, from its previous owner, Darrell Seven. After extensive construction and reconstruction of the buildings and grounds, PLAYA hosted its first residents in 2011. Since then it has provided residencies to hundreds of artists and scientists.

 “We are dedicated to identifying and expanding opportunities for artists with disabilities, and aim to develop tools for residency programs and to advocate for greater resources to assist residency programs in serving artists with disabilities.”

The collaborative nature of the project and inclusion of the Alliance of Artists Communities as a
partner presents a strong catalyst for far-reaching and sustained changes to improve standards of
accessibility and promote a broader level of program inclusivity throughout the artist residency

Updated: October 28, 2017 — 4:23 pm