Talon Percilick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Talon Percilick
July 30, 1999 – August 26, 2016

Talon grew up in Eugene and Marcola and attended South Eugene High School. Talon was on Teen Crew at Oregon Country Fair and attended fair every year of his life.

He was a regular at the second Friday social gathering at Reality Kitchen and attended Autism Rocks Camp in 2015 and was planning on never missing another Camp.

He volunteered at Next Step Recycling.

Talon loved hiking in the woods, swimming at the river, and gathering agates. He loved parties with his friends and family. Talon was a chess player, a computer gamer, a devotee of physics, an amateur engineer who could build anything out of anything. He loved music, especially dub step and trap, rock and roll, reggae and country music. He also loved traveling, and had been to Belize, Mexico and Africa.

Talon was brilliant, funny, kind, loving and philosophical. He was also a prankster and was known for sharing an interesting piece of information and then asking “what do you think about that?” Talon had saved money for college and to buy a car and his family has decided to use it to start a scholarship fund for Autism Rocks Camp so that his Spirit will always be at Camp.

Scholarships for our Friends & Family Camp make it possible for up to 20 guests to enjoy Camp year after year. Your support of these families allows them to experience the joy of being among people who accept you for who you are, who understand the struggles you face every day, and who may become your friends for life. Help spread the magic.

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Talon Percilick Memorial Scholarship Fund
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This Camp Scholarship Fund supports teen guests and their caregivers