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Since 1997 KindTree – Autism Rocks has provided safe, confidence building events and activities for people on the Autism Spectrum. Through our Friends & Family Camp for all ages and abilities, our Artist Guild Program, our many support groups, and our extraordinary STiLE Program (Skill Training for an Independent Living Experience), we are serving hundreds of people and their families every year!

We do this with the dedicated help of many volunteers and with your financial support. Even after 22 years, our community still counts on you…you are our strength.

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We depend on your donations. Thank you for supporting KindTree!

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5. Riley Campbell Camp Scholarship Fund
6. Talon Percilick Camp Scholarship Fund for Teenagers


Our work has positively impacted the lives of so many people and families – from kids making lifelong friends at Camp, to young adults on the spectrum joining our Board of Directors, to the regulars who attend our support groups every month, and more. Read their stories below.

There is no other organization quite like ours anywhere – dedicated to “Celebrating autism, changing perceptions, creating community, with warm hearted whimsy and a deep level of caring.” With your help, we can expand our services and do even more.

Please consider us for your year-end giving. Use the form below to mail your check, or go online and make an easy donation of any amount, large or small. You can direct your donation to a specific program, or just to our general fund.

Support this local, grassroots, all volunteer non-profit serving a still growing population, and know we use every dollar to fund services that help make all our community a better, safer, happier place to live.

Thank you!

“We have a great tradition every year – an opening and closing circle. People have a chance to see each other and learn names at the opening, and at the closing folks speak about what was their favorite aspect of the camp. Many people speak about the sense of family – of community – that we feel there. This is what we at KindTree – Autism Rocks hope for. We do everything we can to make it possible for people to feel safe, feel loved, feel at ease. Like we’re all home now. Welcome Home.”

“I had no idea what to expect from this camp and it exceeded expectations. This was an amazing experience and I feel blessed to experience such a beautiful community.”

“We look forward to this retreat all year for our son. He is only 7 but each year he recognizes his friends and this camp. He was so happy we had no melt downs, just wish we had a few more days, goes too fast, then it’s time to go back to the world of stares. Ugh don’t want to go.”

“My nephew has benefited so much from your support groups – newfound confidence, friendships, his purpose in life. Please accept my thanks – and my donation!”

“Thanks so, so much for organizing such an amazing event. Everyone I talked to said this was their favorite year. The energy was beautiful there and Sam and I are for sure committed every year to come that we can! The arts and crafts were really fun!”

“It is so nice to have a place where all our children can network that have similar needs and interests. Camping is a lot of work and this allows us to enjoy being with our family and not get so stressed out.”

From Sheila, who provides the “Community Outings and Adventures” group in STiLE: “I came home tonight to a very nice message from the ‘Child Life Program’ at Riverbend.  Our group has enjoyed being part of the community by making donations there several times a year for a few years now.  It is a very meaningful experience for them.”