Riley Campbell Memorial Scholarship Fund

Riley Campbell, son of former Board Member Dyan Campbell, was a frequent camper, a film expert, and a favorite among the ladies.

Riley lived a beautiful life, filled with people who loved and adored his easy nature, ever present smile and warm healing hugs. Riley rarely met a person that he didn’t impact in some way. Riley loved volunteering in his community, at Greenhill Animal Shelter, Next Step Recycling and Developmental Disability Services.

He was an avid letter writer of “novel” sized letters, with his grandparents and Aunt Susan often the recipients of letters that arrived postage due. He often wrote short sweet notes to people that he especially loved, telling them they were “cool”, which was his way of saying that he really liked them. He treasured his friendships and was a well-known “man about town”.

He was an avid movie buff, giving you any detail or obscure fact about movies, directors, actors or movie lines. He worked at Flics and Pics video rental store until they closed.

Riley looked forward to camp all year long. One year, he couldn’t decide if he was going to attend, didn’t get his application in before camp was full and missed camp. He filled out the registration form in the very next newsletter that arrived , sent it in on his own, to ensure his spot for the following year’s camp. Riley was proud of his independence, and in spite of life’s challenges, he lived his life just the way he wanted it to be. You are dearly missed Ry Guy.

Scholarships for our Friends & Family Camp make it possible for up to 20 guests to enjoy Camp year after year. Your support of these families allows them to experience the joy of being among people who accept you for who you are, who understand the struggles you face every day, and who may become your friends for life. Help spread the magic.

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