May 2018 “Reaching Out – Reaching In” Newsletter

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My 16 Year Tenure on the KindTree Board

by Mary-Minn Sirag

In July 2000, when I was introduced to KindTree, the board consisted of Steve Brown, President; Michelle Jones, Vice President; Tim Mueller, Secretary/ Treasurer; and two at-large board members.

They invited me to present about living with autism at their 4th Autism Retreat a few weeks later. The Retreat was a magical weekend vacation that Michelle and Steve had created for group home workers and their residents to play together. It was my first exposure to other kindred spirits who shared my diagnosis.

At the time, I suffered a dissociative phobia of public speaking but Steve facilitated this first presentation. A young woman who had no words sat beside me and beamed me like a cat. I had never felt such love and acceptance. The Retreat was powerful and transformative.

I started volunteering immediately: helping set up their annual “Haunted House on Haig Street” fundraiser and screaming like a Banshee; finding venues for the art they were already accumulating; volunteering at Retreats; and whatever fun volunteering opportunities showed up.

In January 2001, they invited me onto their small and informal board, whose meetings were focused on the logistics of our next event. The minutes consisted of action items. We worked hard doing only what we loved and had a blast. The high vibe permeated everything we did.

Read the whole article HERE: KT Vol. 23 Spring 2018

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