LifeSlice Photography matching donation

From Mike Nordtvedt of LifeSlice:

“My desire is to give families artwork that builds them up and helps them to feel pride in their beauty and who they are. I think that is a real need and I can meet it. As a thank you to these two or three families I am willing to wave my session fee and give them a print of their choice. That is approximately a $400 value.” If YOU would like to take Mike up on this offer, contact him right away at

Mike will also offer KindTree board members and their family and friends this donation match: when any of them make a $295, or greater, donation to Autism Rocks he can match it with the in kind donation of a photo session. That is a $295 value. Mike will give something tangible for that but do ask my clients to purchase prints through us.

About LifeSlice

LifeSlice Photography started in 2009 as a part-time business by Mike Nordtvedt and his wife, Elsie. At that time, they were Eugene wedding photographers, well known for their ability to capture a couple’s unique and beautiful story. They have a knack for helping the bride and groom to feel how beautiful, stunning, and magnificent they truly are.

Five years later, Mike & Elsie decided to become full-time photographers of many stories: the story of a high school senior ready for their next adventure; the story of a business owner getting a headshot for their new business cards; the story of a newlywed couple welcoming their first baby into the world. Storytelling is what keeps Mike and Elsie’s passion for photography alive. 

Now, after 12 years, they are following their desire to serve the adaptive needs community. They believe there is a deep and wonderful human beauty in people living with the various physical and mental challenges that exist today. Telling their stories is both an honor and a privilege.

Visit LifeSlice online HERE.

Updated: May 15, 2021 — 4:23 pm