KindTree Videos from Project MyVoice

“Autism Rocks!” a Project MyVoice production of 7 personal video stories, premiered to a full house at the Bijou Cinema May 28, 2013. As part of the civic journalism movement, Project MyVoice connects socially responsible and community-minded UO journalism students with underrepresented groups in Lane county that want to have a “voice.”

Through the art of digital storytelling and the practice of community engagement, heart warming and thought provoking stories are produced and shared through free public screenings at the Bijou theater each term. Our launching of the project features the local nonpro!t “Autism Rocks.”
There are 7 stories here, all of them demonstrate the effectiveness and uniqueness of KindTree – Autism Rocks’ positive impact on our community.


Musician – singer, bass goddess, songwriter TR Kelley

Guru Amar Khalsa spent time getting to know TR Kelly, musician and artist with aspergers. With an honest and real monologue from TR Kelly, Guru shows the audience a window into “Planet Autism”.


KindTree Artist Guild member Larry Hurst

Sreang “C” Hok, a talented and effective digital storyteller, gives us a glimpse into the beautiful mind and art of Larry Hurst.


What is Austim Rocks? 
Why is it different from other autism groups? What makes Autism Rocks an important part of Lane County? These are just some of the questions answered in this wonderful video produced by Nieco Biggi.


STiLE participants speak out.

Taylor Ames produced this video to showcase how STiLE, an offshoot of Autism Rocks, creates a series of trainings in life skills and recreational subjects. The class featured in this video meets every Monday at Washington .


Frankie Sharp and “Deano” share their stories

Dillon Piloget, a senior focused on digital storytelling, captured a story on Jed Shapiro and Ryan Crain. Both of these young men with aspergers do a mean Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonation.


KindTree Artists Guild member Stephen Peeler

Sreang “C” Hok, a talented and effective digital storyteller, worked on showcasing the highly respected artist and member of Autism Rocks, Stephen Peeler. Stephen passed away a year after this video was filmed.


When we raise money, we have FUN!

Guru Amar Khalsa captured beautiful shots of the Starry Night Prom. This adult prom is a fundraiser for Autism Rocks. Through dancing, a silent auction, photo booth and live entertainment, the prom helps raise funds for the Camp and other programs

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