KindTree and The GIFT

KindTree – Autism Rocks announces a new Art Program in partnership with “THE GIFT.”

Art Guild Meeting (monthly)
First Wednesdays
LILA Peer Support Club
990 Oak St
Learn how our NEW PROGRAM could help you make money with your art, through our partnership with The GIFT.
We’ll show you how to upload your images, fill out the Artist Bio form, and explain the licensing agreement you may be offered.
If you are an artist on the spectrum, you should be there!

Meet the first artist to be featured at a NYC gallery.
Congratulations, Alisa!

KindTree has been contacted by graduate student Tian Zhang at Columbia Business School and her partner Meichun at Harvard Graduate School of Design, about an exciting new opportunity for you and KindTree called “THE GIFT” program. This offer has been accepted by KindTree, and we are inviting all of you to participate.

Our Plan

Our plan includes developing themed gallery shows for the Cloud Gallery in Manhattan, which does framing as well as displaying original and reproductions right downtown. A designer on their team will develop graphic designs from your art for imprinting on value-added derivative (stuff made from/with your art) products like t-shirts, note cards and more for marketing online. 


THE GIFT will select art from our digital archives that we have shared with them that artists have submitted over the years for our Autism Artism shows, as well as new submissions that anyone on the Autism Spectrum may provide, for the purpose of creating a number of opportunities to market both original pieces and reproductions. 

Once your art is selected for redesign and publication, you will enjoy 1) derivative products based on your selected art, 2) a themed exhibition of original in New York or Eugene, 3) a gift box with the derivative products  4) at least 25% profit from the sales of products by KindTree and THE GIFT (A detailed contract for you to sign is HERE.) ( Go HERE for a FAQ to help explain the Licensing Agreement)

How to participate

You will be asked to sign a licensing agreement contract with KindTree, and provide an artist statement just like we asked of you for our Autism Artism shows and cards. We will sometimes provide guidelines for new submissions, suggest image theme subjects, share information about planned gallery shows and merchandise items, and other information when these are finalized. You are also expected to fill out an artist bio form (fun survey) with questions about your fun facts, hobbies and interests that will help us develop themed shows and marketing targets. The new submission and artist bio form link is provided here:

We are waiting for you to join this exciting program! If you have any problems, please contact us via email: or phone: 541.780.6950.

Thanks and best regards,

KindTree – Autism Rocks Art Team and THE GIFT


THE GIFT is dedicated to uplifting social and economic well-being of artists with autism and other disabilities through arts and technology carriers. We are currently building a platform of gifted people with autism and disabilities to forge a more engaged and connected community; we are planning to transform artworks to value-added derivative products to help you achieve financial independence; we are also connecting governments, non-profit organizations, media and companies to create a shift in our collective consciousness. Read more HERE.

We hope to attract school Tamer Social Fund of $25,000 to start, and develop a long-term community business. More information, including already uploaded art, can be found in our website: