Is Oregon Devaluing Developmentally Disabled Students? 

School Day Shortened For Hundreds With Disabilities, Suit Claims Disability Scoop

The parents of children with autism and other developmental disabilities are suing the state of Oregon over claims that the children are being deprived… 

Class Action Accuses Oregon of Devaluing Special Education Students’ School Time

A class action claims that Oregon is punishing disabled children by sending them home early if they act out in class….
But because Elijah is autistic and the school hasn’t found a way to accommodate his disability, the boy is required to go home early almost every day….

“Shortening the school day of a child with a disability is not an appropriate substitute for providing the academic and behavioral services and supports that would enable that child to learn and progress socially during a full school day,” claims the lawsuit. “When children are subjected to shortened days, they frequently fall behind academically and miss out on critical social opportunities in which they can practice appropriate behaviors.””

Updated: January 30, 2019 — 11:34 am