eFLASH May 2020

A Message from our President

Dear friends, family and volunteers, we hope you are all safe and doing well in this new age we are living in.

We had one of the hardest Board meetings to date last week. Gov. Brown has said no major gatherings until after September. Camp Baker as well is closed until at least then. We have decided  we must cancel our Friends and Family Camp this year to better protect ourselves and others from spreading this Covid-19 virus.

Still, we cannot sit back and live in isolation, because we need each other’s support and happy faces. To that end, KindTree is doing a few things, including Zoom support group meetings. (The Peer Group meeting is today at 4:30. Go HERE to join in.) We are also asking for your input, your ideas on how to make this summer a fun one while keeping social distancing standards in place.

One thought is to have a virtual talent show during Camp weekend where folks record an act ahead of time, we edit them all together and stream so all can watch. Or do a simple craft project with all on ZOOM. Another is having a few smaller gatherings at a park for 25 people at a time. Perhaps that could be three hour shifts with games or crafts or karaoke and perhaps a picnic over a couple of days. Maybe. Our Camp Team led by board member Heather Swaney will be developing ideas over the next few weeks. Check our website now and then for updates.

Another plan involves the t-shirt… We could put shirts on sale via the web. Everyone who orders a shirt can enter the contest by suggesting a name for Camp this summer. We will pick a winner and the top dozen or so suggestions and hopefully print them on the shirt! For example, “Autism Rocks Covid”, or “Autists Are Socially Distant.” We hope this will get going very soon. Sound good?

So, don’t give up. Some kinda Virtual Camp thingy will happen this summer!

Please let us know what works for you to take the lemon of Covid-19 and make a rocking autism lemonade this summer. Send your ideas and feedback to admin@kindtree.org.

On behalf of the KindTree Board, be safe and reach out to each other for comfort and support.

Michael “omo” Omogrosso. 

From the Oregon Government:

“The Oregon Health Authority is advising that any large gathering — in ALL counties across the state — should either be cancelled or significantly modified at least through September. This includes live sporting events with audiences, concerts, festivals, and conventions.”

  • We continue to develop a Parent / Caregiver Support Group. Email HERE if you are interested in attending such a group virtually…
  • KindTree is also developing a Boffing Team that just might meet up someday…! Email HERE to join
  • Would you be interested in being a part of a gaming social? if you are interested please email Luca Kline at luca@kindtree.org so we can get organized. We could play Minecraft, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, or any other number of games…


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2. Video storyteller Mr. Rommel reads children’s books. 5 episodes, plus “Pocket the Corgi’s Birthday Party.” Great for your bored little kids.
3. Videos from past Friends & Family Camps. Some great memories here!
4. View and participate with our community through our Social Page. Facebook page and Camp Group, and Twitter, too.

Updated: May 11, 2020 — 2:52 pm