Disco Halloween Extravaganza 2018 Photo Album

Disco Halloween Extravaganza

Back in the early days, KindTree’s fundraisers were Haunted Houses. We dressed up, we made big cardboard boxes into set pieces, we put on scary makeup, we made scary sounds, and we had a blast…but never made more than $500. So we moved on to our Lunch events and then the PROM, and now…

This Halloween Disco Dance combines the fun of costumes and makeup with the fun of dancing like crazy. Brighton won the Kids’ Costume Contest, the Unicorn won the Adult Costume Contest, and Alana won the Dance Contest. Congratulations, and thanks to all those who participated. Somebody guessed the number of candy corn in the bowl – EXACTLY!! And the Cowboy won the Raffle…he looks pretty happy.

We all had a lot of fun, and raised some $$, too. Thanks so much to all who came! We couldn’t do all we do without your help.

Should we do it again next year??


Here’s a little video from Facebook…