Dating on the Spectrum for STiLE

Summer Term: June 8-29 and July13 & 20. No class July 6. 6 sessions total.

Dating on the Spectrum with Kyle Johnson is now offered for STiLE’s Summer Term, for Adults only (90 minutes).

Dating on the Spectrum
A Series of Trainings for Adults Seeking to Form and Maintain
Healthy Relationships While Dating
Developed and facilitated by Kyle Johnson

The mission for Dating on the Spectrum is to create a socially and emotionally intelligent support group that models appropriate dating interactions through in-depth discussion, self-reflection, self-awareness, and engaged social interactions. These core activities provide a space where participants can learn how to express themselves openly, act safely in relationships, and consider healthy ways to navigate the dating scene. This training will include group discussions, group activities, and self-reflection activities for participants to engage in on their own time.

More information about Kyle and the course can be found HERE

On Tuesdays Via Zoom
Adults: 3:00-4:30pm $162.54 or agency rate

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