A message from KindTree’s President

Greetings, friends and families of the  KindTree/STiLE community. 

  Two years ago we knew that the year would be fun filled, sharing with our friends.  By February, the world had changed to danger and fear that we hoped would last only a few months.  Today we know the world will continue to change like a pendulum swinging from good to bad, happy to sad in this era of Covid-19 and its variants. 

But, dear friends, this is how life has always been, changing from night to day, from winter to summer, from lonely to happily talking with friends.  We have learned to disinfect hands and mask-up and vaccinate when we can and to socially distance (six feet apart is not so unusual for some of us anyway).  Many of us have learned to Zoom, or Skype, or some other online social media.  We have learned to adapt and change with our world.

  Now KindTree – Autism Rocks asks you to look for a brighter future as we open back up with in-person gatherings, many that will also be online for those of us who still need to stay home.  Part of our brighter future is finding a few new board members.  Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested – there is much to do.  And especially to our great volunteers: keep your ears open for renewed opportunities to help at events and other essential tasks. 

  As the 2022 new year comes, I offer a personal thank you to all who help, and all who are helped, by this grand idea called KindTree – Autism Rocks.  Because of you, my life is filled with hope for our future.

Michael Omogrosso

President, Kind Tree Productions, Inc.
November 23, 2021

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