Challenger Baseball

Hello lovely community members!

I am reaching out to spread the word about Challenger Baseball, an accessible baseball and softball program for ages 4 through adult (website description below).  

Today, the regional organizer Jalynn Miller informed folks that she is delaying the start of season in order to reach more players and coaches as there aren’t sufficient registrations to support a season.  

Jalynn has been diligently organizing challenger baseball for years, however, she lives in Kaiser, and is not connected to our vibrant Lane County disability community or to social media.

This is where you can help!  Please spread the word by sharing this information on your websites and social media! 

Register (for free!) by visiting this website:

Let’s play ball!!!!

“Challengers is a program designed for ‘kids that would find it difficult to play conventional baseball or softball’.  A partial list of challenges that players in this division might face include: autism, spina bifida, Down’s syndrome, TBI, cerebral palsy, deafness, blindness, seizure disorders, motor delays, or the use of braces, wheelchair, or walker.

Ages/levels of Play:  There are 3 divisions within the Challenger Program 
Level 1:  Ages 4-18 (22 if still enrolled in school)  Description:  a soft T-ball is used and batters hit from a tee or soft pitch from an adult.  All players bat and even if ‘outs’ are accomplished, runners remain on base, continuing through the inning receiving praise and high-fives when they cross home plate. 
Level 2: Ages 4-18 (22 if still enrolled in school) Description:  offers a more structured game, while learning the basic rules of ball along with skill building.  Outs are acknowledged but play continues with the player receiving praise and high-fives when they cross the plate. 
Senior:  Any individual age 15 and above with a physical or intellectual challenge may participate in the Senior League Challenger Division. This division is designed as a non-competitive extension of the Little League Challenger Division. However, leagues may choose to implement some  additional rules such as recording outs, keeping score, etc. 

There is no registration fee for Challenger Players thanks to donations and sponsorships given for that purpose.”

Updated: April 30, 2023 — 10:26 am