Camp Stories from 2017

Are you considering attending the KindTree – Autism Rocks Friends & Family Camp, but aren’t sure it would be a good fit for you and your family? To help you decide, check out the video embedded here, and the stories from participants at the 2017 camp. We hope to see you with us next year!


Camp Testimonial

Our family attended Autism Rocks for the first time in 2017. We didn’t know what to expect and honestly were worried about how our needs were going to be met. Our family was embraced and loved for who we were, despite some little meltdowns. We have made forever friends and we really look forward to returning for the rest of our lives. We were embraced with love and understanding and because Shawn and I were able to volunteer we felt like we were able to give back.

Our family was truly blessed by being in this environment and the kids are already asking about next year. Thank you Autism Rocks!

The Savage family will be back. Chalice Savage, Shawn, Morgan, Jameson and Pixie.


Friends & Family Camp, 2017

by Tim Mueller
I have had the pleasure of participating in every Autism Rocks retreat/camp since 1997 – 21 in all. And at each and every one of these gatherings, where we all share love and community for each other no matter what our level of “ability”, magic happens: from that first year when Mark shared his difficult personal goals, to Perry’s performance at this year’s talent show. Our talent show has become one of the best attended events at camp. This year, because the camp’s chapel (our usual stage location) was in need of repair, Randy Hamme and Tifani Lauzon transformed the “Buck Hadley” pavilion into a performance venue. They set up chairs, a sound system, curtain, stage lights and all. They created a lounge atmosphere just outside, with lights that sparkled in the trees like snow falling in moonlight. Wonderful.

More than a dozen acts performed, all to wild applause. (See the video online at Then Perry stepped up. Perry is well known around Eugene for his art work, displayed at many venues over the years. But this night he was to sing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Perry does not have a lot of words, so he came up to the mic and just stood there. All was quiet. Really quiet. After a while Randy said, “Um, I don’t have any music to play, Perry…” Still just silence. Then the crowd began to clap a beat. Next, folks began to sing that famous Thriller bass line… Ba dum dum da da dum, Ba dum dum da da dum, Ba dum dum da da dum… And Perry began to sing. Oh, baby! You could feel the electricity in the room, and it was flowing through all of us. Perry will never win any Grammys, but magic happened that night, for him and for all of us, like it does every single year! Autism Rocks at KindTree

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