A goodbye from OSLP Arts & Culture Program Director, position is posted

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

-Winnie the Pooh

Jamie Walsh:

This letter is to announce that I will be moving to Seattle in April. This means I will be leaving my position as program director for the OSLP Arts and Culture Program and leaving Eugene, a city that I have come to love and adore. I moved to Eugene seven years ago for graduate school at the UO. I wanted to go to school for Arts Management to progress my career working in the arts, with a focus on working with adults with developmental disabilities. At the time, I had no idea Oregon Supported Living Program existed or that they were in the early planning stages of an art program! As a graduate student, I started to intern for OSLP and had the unique and amazing experience of being part of conversations about starting an inclusive art program and about developing a mission. With the vision and dedication of OSLP Executive Director Gretchen Dubie and OSLP staff, the OSLP Arts & Culture Program officially began in the fall of 2012. I graduated from school and began working part time in July 2013 and then full time as program director in September 2013. In that time, the program and gallery happened to relocate about a block from my apartment. I moved to Eugene not realizing at the time that my dream job was manifesting so close to me.


During the past five years, I have worked alongside some of the best coworkers, volunteers, direct support professionals, and for the best boss that I could ever ask for. Together, we have created a program that I am so proud of – a program that is truly setting the stage nationally for what inclusive community art programs can look like.


Lastly, the hardest part is saying goodbye to all of the artists and participants of the program – some who have been creating with us since the program began five years ago. I am honored to have had a part in celebrating and supporting so many wonderful, creative, loving, and amazing people. I have made many life-long friends here and have enough inspiring, awesome, and funny experiences to get me through whatever lies ahead. I am moving because my partner, Andy, received a job offer in his field. He has been working his way through school and we are both excited for the next step in his career and our new life in Seattle. I’ll be looking for work myself, and of course have the itch to try and start something similar to the OSLP Arts & Culture Program in Seattle! I am so honored to have had every opportunity and experience I’ve had in Eugene and would like to thank all of YOU for your support and love throughout everything. I will miss you all.


With that said, the position of project director for the OSLP Arts & Culture Program is currently posted and open for applicants. You can find the post at www.oslp.org. Please help us in spreading the word and we look forward to finding the right person for the job!


I will be planning a going away party for the first week of April and you are all invited! More information coming soon.


Jamie Walsh

Updated: February 13, 2018 — 6:43 pm