Hey, Dr. Who fans!

Remember that awesome play presented at the KindTree - Autism Rocks Family Camp in 2013? Well, if you missed it, see the video below.

But if you were there, or if you just would like to be part of a NEW Dr Who play in 2014, here's an idea for you. Jed Shapiro, otherwise known as Frankie Sharp or Dr. Who, is planning monthly get togethers to work on a new script, do some rehearsing, figure out new sets and props, and maybe even film it ahead of time in a real studio.

You can be an actor, a set person, a sound person, costumer, writer, just about anything. Any age, any size. Just be into Dr Who and be excited about making a new show happen.

If that is you, contact Jed at djfrankie66@yahoo.com or call him at 541 653 0038. A meeting as planned for February 26, 5:30 at Cozmic Pizza at 8th and Charnelton. You could just show up, but RSVP with Jed would be best.





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