Kids Art Designs

Art by the Youngest Ones.
Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo by Chris Garza

Row Houses

Row Houses by Leah DeMonia

Three Sisters

Three Sisters by Leah DeMonia

Glitter Polish

Glitter Polish by Leah DeMonia

Amy Jade

Amy Jade by Leah DeMonia

Dr. Wrench - original SOLD

Dr. Wrench - original SOLD by Jordan Fuerte


Figures... by Thanasi Papoulias

Captain's Auto Repair

Captain's Auto Repair by Thanasi Papoulias

Dynamic Dude

Dynamic Dude by Thanasi Papoulias


Radiance by Candace Waters

I Am Autistic

I Am Autistic by Sina Moini


Clown by Sina Moini

Orange Sun

Orange Sun by Sina Moini

Pastel Hills

Pastel Hills by Leah DeMonia


Butterfly by Leah DeMonia

Night Lights

Night Lights by Leah DeMonia

We Three Snowmen

We Three Snowmen by Leah DeMonia


Smile! by Melissa Dahl

Crysala and Kala

Crysala and Kala by Melissa Dahl

Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire by Melissa Dahl

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope by Candace Waters

Trouble at Sea

Trouble at Sea by Talon Percilick

Flower Pot

Flower Pot by Saige Donaldson

Night Stars

Night Stars by Saige Donaldson


Hearts by Melissa Dahl


Happy! by Melissa Dahl

I Love You Mommy

I Love You Mommy by Melissa Dahl

Sad Horsie

Sad Horsie by Melissa Dahl


PARTY! by Melissa Dahl

Baby Horse Gets a Ride

Baby Horse Gets a Ride by Melissa Dahl

Snow Skiing Fun

Snow Skiing Fun by Jessica Long


Camping by Jessica Long

Kandy Robots

Kandy Robots by Jessica Long

Scuba Fun

Scuba Fun by Jessica Long

Night Valley

Night Valley by Leah DeMonia

Lady with the Polka-Dot Cape

Lady with the Polka-Dot Cape by Leah DeMonia

My Ornaments

My Ornaments by Leah DeMonia

Love 2013

Love 2013 by Leah DeMonia

Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars by Leah DeMonia

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger by Claire Athens


Mandrill by Claire Athens

Mountain Nyla

Mountain Nyla by Claire Athens


Lion by Claire Athens


Butterfly by Ethan Anderson

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper by Macario Perkins

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning by Macario Perkins


Icicles by Macario Perkins

Under my Quilt

Under my Quilt by Leah DeMonia

Dancing Lady

Dancing Lady by Leah DeMonia

Glitter Crown

Glitter Crown by Leah DeMonia

Sea Captain

Sea Captain by Leah DeMonia

Springtime Bird

Springtime Bird by Leah DeMonia

A castle of my own

A castle of my own by David Reed


Joker by Ben Wefler

Sun #5

Sun #5 by Candace Waters

Orange Trees

Orange Trees by Macario Perkins

Giving Trees

Giving Trees by Macario Perkins

the Forest

the Forest by Macario Perkins

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy by Lexi Sias

Merry Christmas

On Sale!
Merry Christmas by Lexi Sias


Leopard by Kwang Lee

Princess Cat

Princess Cat by Kwang Lee

A Purple Storm

A Purple Storm by Ronan James

A Second Slice of Autism

A Second Slice of Autism by Ronan James

A Slice of Autism

A Slice of Autism by Ronan James

Heart of Rock n Roll

Heart of Rock n Roll by Ronan James

Light Through the Tunnel

Light Through the Tunnel by Ronan James

Anime Rose

Anime Rose by Rachel Brasted-Maki

Neon Puff Girls

Neon Puff Girls by Lexi Sias

Essence of Orange

Essence of Orange by Ryan Mattox

Palmyra, NY

Palmyra, NY by Hunter McBride


Katrina by Hunter McBride


Liberty by Leah DeMonia

Cherry Blossom Beginnings

Cherry Blossom Beginnings by Leah DeMonia

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks by Leah DeMonia

Mt Hood Spring

Mt Hood Spring by Zach Richer-Snyder


Jazz by Zach Richer-Snyder

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath by Hunter McBride

Harvest Time

Harvest Time by Hunter McBride

Summer Watermelon

Summer Watermelon by Leah DeMonia

Midnight Snowman

Midnight Snowman by Leah DeMonia

My Favorite Flowers

My Favorite Flowers by Leah DeMonia

I'm Ready - Let's Go!

I'm Ready - Let's Go! by Leah DeMonia

Christmas Eve Tree

Christmas Eve Tree by Leah DeMonia

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up! by Ryan Mattox

Why Don't You Write Me?

Why Don't You Write Me? by Bryon Youngblood

Fun Outside

Fun Outside by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Best Pals

Best Pals by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Holiday Kitties

Holiday Kitties by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Mom's Hat

Mom's Hat by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

My Mom is Beautiful

My Mom is Beautiful by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

No Snow for Christmas!?

No Snow for Christmas!? by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Snow Clown

Snow Clown by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Stawberies n Cream

Stawberies n Cream by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

I Made This

I Made This by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Party Hat

Party Hat by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn


Burgervilla by Arthur Simo

Happy Land

Happy Land by Arthur Simo

Heart Music

Heart Music by Arthur Simo

Cat Family

Cat Family by Arthur Simo

Yellow SubSneaker

Yellow SubSneaker by Arthur Simo


Angel by Arthur Simo

Best Buddies

Best Buddies by Arthur Simo

Happy Feet

Happy Feet by Arthur Simo


Rooster by Arthur Simo

Mosquito Jam

Mosquito Jam by Arthur Simo

Desk Lamps Playing Checkers

Desk Lamps Playing Checkers by Jaden Roche

Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps by Jaden Roche

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus by Josh Zondowicz


MegaChristmas by Josh Zondowicz

Santa on Vacation

Santa on Vacation by Josh Zondowicz

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Zera and Friends

Zera and Friends by Lexi Sias

Minnie and friends

Minnie and friends by Lexi Sias

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun by Lexi Sias

I've Got You

I've Got You by Lexi Sias


Mirror by Lexi Sias

I'm Bored

I'm Bored by Lexi Sias

My Pals

My Pals by Lexi Sias

Bent on World Domination

Bent on World Domination by Lexi Sias


Snowyman by Hunter McBride

And to All...

And to All... by Hunter McBride

Christmas Sunday

Christmas Sunday by Hunter McBride

Decorating the tree

Decorating the tree by Hunter McBride

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat by Hunter McBride


Diver by Michael McJunkin

Mona Lisa on Vacation

Mona Lisa on Vacation by Michael McJunkin

Red Cactus

Red Cactus by Kevin Hosseini

Man in the Sun

Man in the Sun by Kevin Hosseini

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Kevin Hosseini

We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together by Leah DeMonia

Blue Men

Blue Men by Leah DeMonia

Good Day Boy

Good Day Boy by Leah DeMonia

Four Balloons

Four Balloons by Leah DeMonia


Balloons by Candace Waters

Sunshine #1

Sunshine #1 by Candace Waters

Sunshine #4

Sunshine #4 by Candace Waters

Happy Dreams

Happy Dreams by Candace Waters

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