Framed Art

All of these images are available as framed and/or matted original works, prints or reprints. Prices, plus shipping, can be found when you click on the image.

Thanks for considering adding an artist with autism to your or your loved ones' art collection.

Inside Story

Inside Story by Chris Garza

Orca and Puffins

Orca and Puffins by Marcy Deutsch

Astronaut on Mars

Astronaut on Mars by Stephen Peeler

Ducky Christmas

Ducky Christmas by Barbara Moran

Holiday Football & Pizza

Holiday Football & Pizza by Barbara Moran

Quack Power

Quack Power by Barbara Moran

Box of Quackers

Box of Quackers by Barbara Moran

Santa's Been Here

Santa's Been Here by Barbara Moran


Touchdown by Barbara Moran


River by Larry Hurst

the Coast

the Coast by Larry Hurst

Mountain Valley 2014

Mountain Valley 2014 by Larry Hurst

the Barn

the Barn by Larry Hurst

Small Talkin'

Small Talkin' by Mary-Minn Sirag


Happy by Roberta Abady

Deer and Mountains

Deer and Mountains by Rhonda Rauch

The Well House

The Well House by Alisa McLaughlin

Jupiter and Io

Jupiter and Io by Stephen Peeler


Figures... by Thanasi Papoulias

Lovely Snow

Lovely Snow by Carl Kinney

Fog, My Favorite Season

Fog, My Favorite Season by Chuck Roehrich

Stream and Boulders

Stream and Boulders by Chuck Roehrich


Radiance by Candace Waters

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison by David Wheeler

Orange Sun

Orange Sun by Sina Moini


Hymn by Hunter McBride

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach by Jacynthe Geschke


Lily by Jacynthe Geschke

Homage to Van Gogh

Homage to Van Gogh by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Green with Trickling Brook

Green with Trickling Brook by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Pastel Hills

Pastel Hills by Leah DeMonia


Dragon by Mercedes McBride

Meditation Pond

Meditation Pond by Mercedes McBride

Winter Tree

Winter Tree by Mary-Minn Sirag

Night Train #2

Night Train #2 by Aradia Farmer

Collapsing Open

Collapsing Open by Chris Garza

Lane County Fair #2

Lane County Fair #2 by Michael Wilson

Duck Tails n Cat Tails

Duck Tails n Cat Tails by Michael Toftum

Red Riding Wolf

Red Riding Wolf by Nicole Taylor


Overdose by Stephen Peeler

Night Owl

Night Owl by Marcy Deutsch


WAR by Melissa Dahl

Bursting into Here and Now

Bursting into Here and Now by Mary-Minn Sirag


Overflow by David Rubin

Winter's Promise

Winter's Promise by Erik Estabrook

Vengeful Victory

Vengeful Victory by Jordan Fuerte

Snow Skiing Fun

Snow Skiing Fun by Jessica Long

Abstract Palm Tree

Abstract Palm Tree by Kevin Hosseini

Farm Life

Farm Life by Marcy Deutsch

African River

African River by Beth Davis


Yosemite by Ben Iorio


Tower by Ben Wefler

Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Alisa McLaughlin

Yellow Orange

Yellow Orange by Alisa McLaughlin

Autumn's Light

Autumn's Light by Larry Hurst


Basketball by Larry Hurst


Dreaming by Larry Hurst


GOD by Larry Hurst


Portrait by Larry Hurst

Guard Dog

Guard Dog by Larry Hurst

On My Own

On My Own by Larry Hurst

Nice House

Nice House by Larry Hurst


Monuments by Larry Hurst

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost by Kwang Lee

Korean Farmer

Korean Farmer by Kwang Lee


Occupied by Kwang Lee

Kitty Heaven

Kitty Heaven by Kwang Lee

Farm Team

Farm Team by Kwang Lee

White Asian Tiger

White Asian Tiger by Kwang Lee

Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty by Kwang Lee

Oregon Bird

Oregon Bird by Kwang Lee

Under my Quilt

Under my Quilt by Leah DeMonia

The Altar of Freedom

The Altar of Freedom by Ben Iorio

Sun #5

Sun #5 by Candace Waters


Mushroom by Dorothy H. Bucher


Face by Dorothy H. Bucher

Neo London Mega Shark

Neo London Mega Shark by Frank Allen

Sea Bear

Sea Bear by Frank Allen

Fresh packed salads

Fresh packed salads by Jane Strauss

Crooked Trees

Crooked Trees by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Butterfly Tree

Butterfly Tree by Kevin Hosseini


Greece by Kevin Hosseini

Mountain Valley (original sold)

Mountain Valley (original sold) by Larry Hurst

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Marcy Deutsch


Hummingbirds by Marcy Deutsch

Im Namen der Rose

Im Namen der Rose by Monika Mori "Moo"


rosenmeer by Monika Mori "Moo"

Suburban Grotto

Suburban Grotto by Mary-Minn Sirag

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers by Neri Avraham

Paint Swirls

Paint Swirls by Madrona Hiveley

Giraffes of Love

Giraffes of Love by Rhonda Rauch

Napalm Death

Napalm Death by Stephen Peeler

Autism Field of Dreams poster

Autism Field of Dreams poster by Dani Bowman


Patchwork by Vijay Patnaik


Together by Molly Nicole

Kwang's Parrot

Kwang's Parrot by Kwang Lee


Flamingo by Kwang Lee

Cupid Kitty

Cupid Kitty by Kwang Lee


Falcon by Kwang Lee


Leopard by Kwang Lee

Princess Cat

Princess Cat by Kwang Lee

River Castle

River Castle by Larry Hurst

Spring in Eugene Series #2

Spring in Eugene Series #2 by Larry Hurst

My Favorite Window

My Favorite Window by Rhonda Rauch

Two Flowers

Two Flowers by Rhonda Rauch

Deep Aquatic

Deep Aquatic by Rhonda Rauch

Insect Planet

Insect Planet by Rhonda Rauch

Polar Bears

Polar Bears by Rachel Lee


Vapors by Erik Estabrook


Melody by Erik Estabrook

Neon Puff Girls

Neon Puff Girls by Lexi Sias

Jiggly Puff

Jiggly Puff by Lexi Sias

Essence of Orange

Essence of Orange by Ryan Mattox

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog by Marcy Deutsch

Sea Bird Sunrise

Sea Bird Sunrise by Marcy Deutsch

Res Still Life

Res Still Life by Renee Curtiss

Palmyra, NY

Palmyra, NY by Hunter McBride


Katrina by Hunter McBride

Spiral Rock

Spiral Rock by Nick Gerlach

African Scene

African Scene by Marcy Deutsch

Distant Peak

Distant Peak by Larry Hurst


Birds by Larry Hurst

Dream Valley

Dream Valley by Larry Hurst


Liberty by Leah DeMonia


Hollywood by Kevin Hosseini

New York #2

New York #2 by Kevin Hosseini

Silk Bazaar

Silk Bazaar by Kevin Hosseini


Sunset by Kevin Hosseini

Angel Wings

Angel Wings by Hannah Pfrang

Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil by Eric Wahl


Asperger by Dorothy H. Bucher

Tipi Motel

Tipi Motel by Barbara Moran

Lincoln and the Flag

Lincoln and the Flag by Ben Iorio

Shine On

Shine On by Scott Jackson

Face in the Cloud

Face in the Cloud by Paul Maywood

The Calm

The Calm by Scott Jackson

Where is it?

Where is it? by Mary-Minn Sirag


Foxy by Carl Kinney


Volcano by Roberta Abady

Green Leaf

Green Leaf by Ryan Mattox


Comfort by Frank Flanders

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers by Frank Flanders

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Frank Flanders

Flowers on orange

Flowers on orange by Frank Flanders

Lonely Streets

Lonely Streets by Kim Miller

Flock of Pigeons

Flock of Pigeons by Jody John Ramey

Top of St. Paul's

Top of St. Paul's by Jody John Ramey

Sandstone and Sky

Sandstone and Sky by Nick Gerlach

Minnie and friends

Minnie and friends by Lexi Sias


Mirror by Lexi Sias


Mystic by Lexi Sias

We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together by Leah DeMonia

Blue Men

Blue Men by Leah DeMonia

Penguin Family

Penguin Family by Marcy Deutsch

Watering the Garden

Watering the Garden by Renee Curtiss

Night Mother

Night Mother by Juli Krasinski

Country House

Country House by Juli Krasinski


Coven by Juli Krasinski

Ernie's Comin' Through

Ernie's Comin' Through by Barbara Moran


Pain by Dorothy H. Bucher

Sad Man

Sad Man by Dorothy H. Bucher

Wheelchair and Me

Wheelchair and Me by Dorothy H. Bucher

Images of the Wild West

Images of the Wild West by Stephen Peeler

Saturn #1

Saturn #1 by Stephen Peeler

Uranus Rising

Uranus Rising by Stephen Peeler

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