Fine Art Designs

The best art we have...

Emergence by Chris Garza


Telly by Chris Garza


Angular by Chris Garza

Stepping Out

Stepping Out by Chris Garza

Faux Van Gogh

Faux Van Gogh by Kimberly Gerry Tucker


Unnamed by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher by Henry Lancaster


River by Larry Hurst

the Coast

the Coast by Larry Hurst

Mountain Valley 2014

Mountain Valley 2014 by Larry Hurst

Small Talkin'

Small Talkin' by Mary-Minn Sirag

The Well House

The Well House by Alisa McLaughlin

Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos by Alisa McLaughlin

Sunface 2014

Sunface 2014 by Alisa McLaughlin

For the Birds

For the Birds by Alisa McLaughlin


Abstract by Alisa McLaughlin

Fog, My Favorite Season

Fog, My Favorite Season by Chuck Roehrich

Stream and Boulders

Stream and Boulders by Chuck Roehrich

After the Storm

After the Storm by Chuck Roehrich


Balance by Chuck Roehrich

Homage to Monet

Homage to Monet by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Homage to Van Gogh

Homage to Van Gogh by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Meditation Pond

Meditation Pond by Mercedes McBride

Blue Hill

Blue Hill by Noah Erenberg

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset by Neri Avraham


October by Nora Blansett

Pallette Knife

Pallette Knife by Nicole Taylor

Spring Theory

Spring Theory by Roberta Abady

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait by Max Lester

Dreaming of Sunrise

Dreaming of Sunrise by Max Lester

Ice Cream Treat

Ice Cream Treat by Max Lester

Bursting into Here and Now

Bursting into Here and Now by Mary-Minn Sirag

Dancing Through the Autumn Leaves

Dancing Through the Autumn Leaves by Mary-Minn Sirag

Forest Primeval

Forest Primeval by Mary-Minn Sirag

Wild Bull Rider

Wild Bull Rider by Mary-Minn Sirag

Abstract Palm Tree

Abstract Palm Tree by Kevin Hosseini

Bus or Cycle

Bus or Cycle by Kevin Hosseini


Cowboys by Kevin Hosseini


Horses by Kevin Hosseini


Tokyo by Kevin Hosseini


Bee by Larry Hurst

Autumn - original sold for $125

Autumn - original sold for $125 by Larry Hurst

Barn in the Snow

Barn in the Snow by Larry Hurst

A Forest Pool

A Forest Pool by Larry Hurst

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 by Larry Hurst


Summer by Larry Hurst


Winter by Larry Hurst

Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Alisa McLaughlin

Yellow Orange

Yellow Orange by Alisa McLaughlin

South China Sea

South China Sea by Max Lester

Autumn's Light

Autumn's Light by Larry Hurst


Harvest by Larry Hurst

Ireland Farmhouse

Ireland Farmhouse by Neri Avraham

Tiberia Close Up

Tiberia Close Up by Neri Avraham

Yellow Green Field

Yellow Green Field by Neri Avraham

Night Vision

Night Vision by Chuck Roehrich

Colors of You

Colors of You by Chuck Roehrich


Azalea by Amber Pappas

Red Mood

Red Mood by Tristan Parsons

Flower Field #2

Flower Field #2 by Amber Pappas

Black Portrait

Black Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Blue Faces

Blue Faces by Elad Finkelstein


Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Queen of Sheva

Queen of Sheva by Elad Finkelstein

Whirling Dervishes - original SOLD

Whirling Dervishes - original SOLD by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Butterfly Tree

Butterfly Tree by Kevin Hosseini


Greece by Kevin Hosseini

Mountain Valley (original sold)

Mountain Valley (original sold) by Larry Hurst

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Marcy Deutsch

Im Namen der Rose

Im Namen der Rose by Monika Mori "Moo"


rosenmeer by Monika Mori "Moo"

Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Mary-Minn Sirag

Suburban Grotto

Suburban Grotto by Mary-Minn Sirag

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers by Neri Avraham

Nuclear Fireworks

Nuclear Fireworks by Mary-Minn Sirag


Patchwork by Vijay Patnaik

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride by Larry Hurst


Snowbird by Larry Hurst

My House

My House by Larry Hurst

Coastal Farm

Coastal Farm by Larry Hurst

Sunrise Farm

Sunrise Farm by Larry Hurst

River Castle

River Castle by Larry Hurst

Spring in Eugene Series #2

Spring in Eugene Series #2 by Larry Hurst

Shattered Image, self-portrait

Shattered Image, self-portrait by Kimberly Gerry Tucker


Peace by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Looking Down

Looking Down by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Hugging Trees

On Sale!
Hugging Trees by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

My Favorite Window

My Favorite Window by Rhonda Rauch

Two Flowers

Two Flowers by Rhonda Rauch

Cat Diablo

Cat Diablo by Rhonda Rauch

Deep Aquatic

Deep Aquatic by Rhonda Rauch

Insect Planet

Insect Planet by Rhonda Rauch

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog by Marcy Deutsch


Nasturtiums by Mary-Minn Sirag

New Cattails

New Cattails by Larry Hurst

Distant Peak

Distant Peak by Larry Hurst

Cherry Blossom Beginnings

Cherry Blossom Beginnings by Leah DeMonia


Hollywood by Kevin Hosseini

New York #2

New York #2 by Kevin Hosseini

Silk Bazaar

Silk Bazaar by Kevin Hosseini


Sunset by Kevin Hosseini


Gauguin by Kevin Hosseini

Angel Wings

Angel Wings by Hannah Pfrang


Fireworks by Hannah Pfrang


Sunset by Hannah Pfrang

Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya by Eric Wahl

Painting of a Woman

Painting of a Woman by Dorothy H. Bucher

Sitting Woman

Sitting Woman by Dorothy H. Bucher

By a waterfall in France

By a waterfall in France by Rhonda Rauch

The Calm

The Calm by Scott Jackson

Winter Family

Winter Family by Scott Jackson

Cave Prayer

Cave Prayer by Juli Krasinski

The Light

The Light by Eric Wahl

On and on and on and...

On and on and on and... by Eric Wahl

Which Way Now?

Which Way Now? by Eric Wahl

A dash of red

A dash of red by Kelly Jarmain

Reaching for You

Reaching for You by Kelly Jarmain


Eruption by Kelly Jarmain

An Interesting Day

An Interesting Day by Juli Krasinski

Golden Images

Golden Images by Vijay Patnaik

Warm Day

Warm Day by Vijay Patnaik

Blue Clouds

Blue Clouds by Vijay Patnaik

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Michael Toftum

Still Standing - Mountain and Tree

Still Standing - Mountain and Tree by Michael Toftum

Tree by the Sea

Tree by the Sea by Michael Toftum

Septober's Blush

Septober's Blush by Mary-Minn Sirag


Whirlwind by Mary-Minn Sirag

Autumn's Memory

Autumn's Memory by Mary-Minn Sirag


Falling by Roberta Abady

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Frank Flanders

Beach Trees

Beach Trees by Frank Flanders


Comfort by Frank Flanders

Still Life - Cup

Still Life - Cup by Frank Flanders

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers by Frank Flanders


Watermelon by Frank Flanders


Shoes by Frank Flanders

Love Flowers

Love Flowers by Frank Flanders


Sun by Frank Flanders


Rain by Frank Flanders

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Frank Flanders

Flowers on orange

Flowers on orange by Frank Flanders


Violinist by Kim Miller

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe by Kim Miller

Lonely Streets

Lonely Streets by Kim Miller

Unconcious Mind

Unconcious Mind by Kim Miller


Angel by Nora Blansett

Star Flower

Star Flower by Nora Blansett

Even When I Close My Eyes

Even When I Close My Eyes by Nora Blansett

Fly by Night

Fly by Night by Nora Blansett

Red Cactus

Red Cactus by Kevin Hosseini

Man in the Sun

Man in the Sun by Kevin Hosseini

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Kevin Hosseini

Undersea World

Undersea World by Marcy Deutsch

Penguin Family

Penguin Family by Marcy Deutsch

Farm House

Farm House by Marcy Deutsch

Northwest Wildlife

Northwest Wildlife by Marcy Deutsch

Snow Cabin

Snow Cabin by Marcy Deutsch


Lilies by Renee Curtiss

Vase and Flowers

Vase and Flowers by Renee Curtiss


Africa by Kwame Minta

the Elephant Speaks

the Elephant Speaks by Kwame Minta

3 Olive Trees

3 Olive Trees by Juli Krasinski

Chaste Moon

Chaste Moon by Juli Krasinski

Night Mother

Night Mother by Juli Krasinski

St Barbara's Church

St Barbara's Church by Barbara Moran


Distracted by Mary-Minn Sirag

My Backyard

My Backyard by Mary-Minn Sirag

Northern Sky Duo

Northern Sky Duo by Mary-Minn Sirag

Flower Glass

Flower Glass by Dorothy H. Bucher

Painting of a Nude

Painting of a Nude by Dorothy H. Bucher

Home #15

Home #15 by Stephen Peeler

Green's Colors

Green's Colors by Mary-Minn Sirag

All About Green

All About Green by Mary-Minn Sirag

Cyclamen Duo

Cyclamen Duo by Mary-Minn Sirag

Fog Fire

Fog Fire by Mary-Minn Sirag


Choices by Mary-Minn Sirag

Moon Chases Sun

Moon Chases Sun by Stephen Peeler

Saturn #1

Saturn #1 by Stephen Peeler

Moon View 22

Moon View 22 by Stephen Peeler

Floating Cities

Floating Cities by Stephen Peeler

Illumination - Ice Moon

Illumination - Ice Moon by Stephen Peeler

Here We are

Here We are by Stephen Peeler

Home #17

Home #17 by Stephen Peeler

Jupiter Fly-by

Jupiter Fly-by by Stephen Peeler

Jupiter Neighborhood

Jupiter Neighborhood by Stephen Peeler

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady by Dorothy H. Bucher

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