Autism Artism 2015

Art by People with Autism

On display at Territorial Vineyards, 3rd & Adams in Eugene, All of April 2015, Autism Awesomeness Month

Gala Opening April 1st, 5 - 7PM


Featuring over 30 artists living with autism, from Lane County and beyond, even as far away as Thailand!

This page will fill up in the next few weeks with all their juried in images as well as the list of special guests.

Music will be provided by Frankie Sharp and there will be tasty refreshments to accompany the wonderful Territorial wines.

Please join us April 1st to celebrate these artists!

Many thanks to the jury, Jimmy Evangelista, Nancy Bright, Karen Howe, and Artencio. Great job!

Participating artists include:

Alex Hall
Alisa McLaughlin
Aram Wassermiller
Ben Kilber
Beth Davis
Caleb Rands
Chris Garza
David Wheeler
Elad Finkelstein
Henry Lancaster
Jacynthe Geschke
Josh Dawson
Kawi Chantayanon
Kevin Hosseini
Larry Hurst
Leah DeMonia

Macario Perkins
Maranda Russel
Marci Deutsch
Mareika Mirsch
Mary-Minn Sirag
Melissa Dahl
Nick Gerlach
Poominum Boonipat
Ricky Falk
Roberta Abady
Sawyer Kavaney
Sean Higgins
Sophie Doleman
Stephen Peeler

Sponsored by Lane Arts Council

Wimer Covered Bridge

Wimer Covered Bridge by Sophie Doleman

Egyptian Diamond

Egyptian Diamond by Beth Davis

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise by Alisa McLaughlin

Grave Over the Hills

Grave Over the Hills by Chris Garza

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost by Chris Garza

Leaning Marker

Leaning Marker by Chris Garza


Batmobile by David Wheeler

David from the Monkees

David from the Monkees by David Wheeler


Bird by Elad Finkelstein

Bella the Dog

Bella the Dog by Kevin Hosseini

Deep Purple

Deep Purple by Larry Hurst


Rainforest by Larry Hurst

River Cabins

River Cabins by Larry Hurst


Ballerina by Leah DeMonia

Lighthouse In Dusk

Lighthouse In Dusk by Marcy Deutsch

African Wildlife

African Wildlife by Marcy Deutsch

Northwest Scene

Northwest Scene by Marcy Deutsch

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by Marcy Deutsch

Garden Dream

Garden Dream by Mary-Minn Sirag

Persian Miniature

Persian Miniature by Mary-Minn Sirag

Serene Lady

Serene Lady by Melissa Dahl

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps by Nick Gerlach

Indian Summer

Indian Summer by Roberta Abady

Bark at the Moon

Bark at the Moon by Stephen Peeler

Volcano: a perspective on Cezanne

Volcano: a perspective on Cezanne by Aram Wassermiller

Inside A Rose

Inside A Rose by Josh Dawson

Sunflowers: a perspective on Van Gogh

Sunflowers: a perspective on Van Gogh by Ricky Falk

Self Portrait No. 2

Self Portrait No. 2 by Sean Brian Higgins


Hourglass by Henry Lancaster

Boxy Giraffe

Boxy Giraffe by Maranda Russell

Dry Dock

Dry Dock by Jacynthe Geschke


Goats by Sophie Doleman


Mischief by Sophie Doleman

Moonlit Flight

Moonlit Flight by Sophie Doleman

The Doomspirit Robot

The Doomspirit Robot by Sawyer Kavaney

Reach Up to the Sky

Reach Up to the Sky by ben kilber

Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket by ben kilber

Icicle Cliffs

Icicle Cliffs by Caleb Rands

Icy Falls

Icy Falls by Caleb Rands

Mother and Son

Mother and Son by Kawi Chantayanon

Places I've Been

Places I've Been by Macario Perkins


Fox by Mareika Mirsch


Heroes by Poominun Boonipat

Inside Story

Inside Story by Chris Garza

Orca and Puffins

Orca and Puffins by Marcy Deutsch

Astronaut on Mars

Astronaut on Mars by Stephen Peeler

Merchandise Photo