Autism Artism 2013

Autism Artism 2013

Gala Opening Saturday April 6, 5pm-7pm

Music by Frankie Sharp & Deano

snacks, fun, special guests including Eugene City Councilor Claire Syrett

Meet the Artists, too!

Featuring 35 pieces by27 artists plus two books of peotry, this show will be on display all of April, with another partry on the Last Friday, April 26.

Come enjoy these always amazing creations by people living with autism. You will not walk away untouched.

Go here to view a slide show of the Gala Opening..

Supported by GreyWolf Projects, the Lane Arts Council, and Lorraine Kerwood

Night Train #1

Night Train #1 by Aradia Farmer

Lane County Fair #2

Lane County Fair #2 by Michael Wilson

Duck Tails n Cat Tails

Duck Tails n Cat Tails by Michael Toftum

Sunset Palms

Sunset Palms by Michael Toftum

Trouble at Sea

Trouble at Sea by Talon Percilick


Harbor by Neri Avraham


October by Nora Blansett

Red Riding Wolf

Red Riding Wolf by Nicole Taylor

Perry Turns 50

Perry Turns 50 by Perry Johnson

Spring Theory

Spring Theory by Roberta Abady

Flower Pot

Flower Pot by Saige Donaldson


Overdose by Stephen Peeler

Bluemorph Butterfly

Bluemorph Butterfly by Marcy Deutsch


WAR by Melissa Dahl

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait by Max Lester

Bursting into Here and Now

Bursting into Here and Now by Mary-Minn Sirag

Tongues of Fire - original SOLD

Tongues of Fire - original SOLD by Mary-Minn Sirag


Overflow by David Rubin

Winter's Promise

Winter's Promise by Erik Estabrook

Vengeful Victory

Vengeful Victory by Jordan Fuerte

Snow Skiing Fun

Snow Skiing Fun by Jessica Long

Abstract Palm Tree

Abstract Palm Tree by Kevin Hosseini

Bus or Cycle

Bus or Cycle by Kevin Hosseini


Cowboys by Kevin Hosseini

Night Valley

Night Valley by Leah DeMonia


Bee by Larry Hurst

Autumn - original sold for $125

Autumn - original sold for $125 by Larry Hurst

Farm Life

Farm Life by Marcy Deutsch

African River

African River by Beth Davis

Hole Tree

Hole Tree by Beth Davis


Yosemite by Ben Iorio


Tower by Ben Wefler


SUN by Alisa McLaughlin

Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Alisa McLaughlin

Yellow Orange

Yellow Orange by Alisa McLaughlin

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