Autism Artism 2011

Autism Artism 2011 -
featuring artists with autism from Eugene and beyond.

Pizza Research Institute
530 Blair Blvd
March 23 - May 23

April 2nd, 2 - 4 PM

Come join our celebration.
Meet the Artists,
Special Guests:
Mayor Kitty Piercy
Queen Slugasana
Jeremy Pruitt on guitar
Great food and drink

and our "Thanks to You" award winner:
Steve Hansen

Special thanks to our Jury:
Suma Elan, Nell Caraway, Maggie Pecora, Nancy Bright, Andrea Watrud, and Dyan Campbell

Supported by:
Lane Arts Council and GreyWolf Projects.
- - - -

Bluemorph Butterfly

Bluemorph Butterfly by Marcy Deutsch

Kandy Saves Christmas

Kandy Saves Christmas by Jessica Long

Kitty Heaven

Kitty Heaven by Kwang Lee


Patchwork by Vijay Patnaik

A Slice of Autism

A Slice of Autism by Ronan James

Polar Bears

Polar Bears by Rachel Lee

Toxic Eruption

Toxic Eruption by Jordan Fuerte

Walk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach by Beth Davis


Vapors by Erik Estabrook


Melody by Erik Estabrook

Spiral Rock

Spiral Rock by Nick Gerlach


Nasturtiums by Mary-Minn Sirag

African Scene

African Scene by Marcy Deutsch

New Cattails

New Cattails by Larry Hurst


Dogs by Larry Hurst


Liberty by Leah DeMonia

Cherry Blossom Beginnings

Cherry Blossom Beginnings by Leah DeMonia


Hollywood by Kevin Hosseini

New York #2

New York #2 by Kevin Hosseini

Silk Bazaar

Silk Bazaar by Kevin Hosseini


Sunset by Kevin Hosseini

Angel Wings

Angel Wings by Hannah Pfrang


Fireworks by Hannah Pfrang

Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil by Eric Wahl

Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya by Eric Wahl


Asperger by Dorothy H. Bucher

Green Samurai

Green Samurai by Dorothy H. Bucher

Tipi Motel

Tipi Motel by Barbara Moran

Lincoln and the Flag

Lincoln and the Flag by Ben Iorio

Beetlejuice remake

Beetlejuice remake by Riley Campbell

The Biography of a Dead Tree

The Biography of a Dead Tree by Joseph Taylor

Mt Hood Spring

Mt Hood Spring by Zach Richer-Snyder


Jazz by Zach Richer-Snyder

Green Creature in the Fire

Green Creature in the Fire by Vijay Patnaik

Self Portrait and Politics

Self Portrait and Politics by Stephen Peeler

Shine On

Shine On by Scott Jackson

By a waterfall in France

By a waterfall in France by Rhonda Rauch

New World - original SOLD

New World - original SOLD by Roberta Abady

Face in the Cloud

Face in the Cloud by Paul Maywood

The Calm

The Calm by Scott Jackson

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