All the designs we have. Whew!

Emergence by Chris Garza


Telly by Chris Garza

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo by Chris Garza

Stepping Out

Stepping Out by Chris Garza

Calmly Rushing

Calmly Rushing by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #1

2015 Sunset Series #1 by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #2

2015 Sunset Series #2 by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #3

2015 Sunset Series #3 by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #4

2015 Sunset Series #4 by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #5

2015 Sunset Series #5 by Amber Pappas

2015 Sunset Series #6

2015 Sunset Series #6 by Amber Pappas

Faux Van Gogh

Faux Van Gogh by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Old Age

Old Age by Kimberly Gerry Tucker


Unnamed by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Stardust Enchantment

Stardust Enchantment by Molly Nicole

Duke Ellington - Take the A Train

Duke Ellington - Take the A Train by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon

Herbie Hancock - Chameleon by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Itteki Fukuhara

Itteki Fukuhara by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Japanese Shamisen Player

Japanese Shamisen Player by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Jason Moran

Jason Moran by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Jimmy Knepper - Trombone Solo

Jimmy Knepper - Trombone Solo by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

John Coltrane

John Coltrane by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

John Coltrane - Equinox

John Coltrane - Equinox by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Kenny Garret - Song #8

Kenny Garret - Song #8 by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Louis Armstrong - Cabaret

Louis Armstrong - Cabaret by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Louis Armstrong - Louis' Smile

Louis Armstrong - Louis' Smile by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Miguel Zenon

Miguel Zenon by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Miles Davis - Human Nature

Miles Davis - Human Nature by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Philly Joe Jones

Philly Joe Jones by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Ron Carter

Ron Carter by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Sonny Rollins - Tennessee Waltz

Sonny Rollins - Tennessee Waltz by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Wimer Covered Bridge

Wimer Covered Bridge by Sophie Doleman

Christmas Snowflake

Christmas Snowflake by Sophie Doleman

Christmas Dragon

Christmas Dragon by Sophie Doleman


Together by Sophie Doleman

Frill Dragon

Frill Dragon by Sophie Doleman


Hatchling by Sophie Doleman


Sanatah by Sophie Doleman


Thoron by Sophie Doleman


Untitled by Sophie Doleman

Bobby McFerrin - Autumn Leaves

Bobby McFerrin - Autumn Leaves by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Branford Marsalis - Welcome to Eugene

Branford Marsalis - Welcome to Eugene by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Brian Blade

Brian Blade by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Camille Thurman - Mimi Jones - Shirazette Tinnin

Camille Thurman - Mimi Jones - Shirazette Tinnin by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Christian McBride

Christian McBride by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Count Basie - Basie in Japan

Count Basie - Basie in Japan by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Count Basie - Corner Pocket

Count Basie - Corner Pocket by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Dave Brubeck

Dave Brubeck by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Dizzy Gillespie

Dizzy Gillespie by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

Egyptian Diamond

Egyptian Diamond by Beth Davis

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise by Alisa McLaughlin

Grave Over the Hills

Grave Over the Hills by Chris Garza

Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost by Chris Garza

Leaning Marker

Leaning Marker by Chris Garza


Batmobile by David Wheeler

David from the Monkees

David from the Monkees by David Wheeler


Bird by Elad Finkelstein

Bella the Dog

Bella the Dog by Kevin Hosseini

Deep Purple

Deep Purple by Larry Hurst


Rainforest by Larry Hurst

River Cabins

River Cabins by Larry Hurst


Ballerina by Leah DeMonia

Lighthouse In Dusk

Lighthouse In Dusk by Marcy Deutsch

African Wildlife

African Wildlife by Marcy Deutsch

Northwest Scene

Northwest Scene by Marcy Deutsch

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by Marcy Deutsch

Garden Dream

Garden Dream by Mary-Minn Sirag

Persian Miniature

Persian Miniature by Mary-Minn Sirag

Serene Lady

Serene Lady by Melissa Dahl

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps by Nick Gerlach

Indian Summer

Indian Summer by Roberta Abady

Bark at the Moon

Bark at the Moon by Stephen Peeler

Out Of Time

Out Of Time by Chris Garza

Fish-Faced Zombie

Fish-Faced Zombie by Chris Garza

Volcano: a perspective on Cezanne

Volcano: a perspective on Cezanne by Aram Wassermiller

Inside A Rose

Inside A Rose by Josh Dawson

Sunflowers: a perspective on Van Gogh

Sunflowers: a perspective on Van Gogh by Ricky Falk

Self Portrait No. 2

Self Portrait No. 2 by Sean Brian Higgins


Hourglass by Henry Lancaster

Boxy Giraffe

Boxy Giraffe by Maranda Russell

Dry Dock

Dry Dock by Jacynthe Geschke


Goats by Sophie Doleman


Mischief by Sophie Doleman

Moonlit Flight

Moonlit Flight by Sophie Doleman

The Doomspirit Robot

The Doomspirit Robot by Sawyer Kavaney

Reach Up to the Sky

Reach Up to the Sky by ben kilber

Winter Blanket

Winter Blanket by ben kilber

Icicle Cliffs

Icicle Cliffs by Caleb Rands

Icy Falls

Icy Falls by Caleb Rands

Mother and Son

Mother and Son by Kawi Chantayanon

Places I've Been

Places I've Been by Macario Perkins


Fox by Mareika Mirsch


Heroes by Poominun Boonipat

Inside Story

Inside Story by Chris Garza

Orca and Puffins

Orca and Puffins by Marcy Deutsch

Astronaut on Mars

Astronaut on Mars by Stephen Peeler


Victoriana by Molly Nicole

Call Me!

Call Me! by Molly Nicole

Row Houses

Row Houses by Leah DeMonia

It's Your Move

It's Your Move by Henry Lancaster

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher by Henry Lancaster

Accordion Dreams

Accordion Dreams by Chris Garza


Kaleidoscope by Chris Garza

Game Over

Game Over by Chris Garza


Insignia by Chris Garza

Shy Monster

Shy Monster by Chris Garza


Terminals by Chris Garza


Window by Chris Garza

Time Warp

Time Warp by Chris Garza


Bookends by Chris Garza

No Parking

No Parking by Chris Garza


Liquid by Chris Garza


Noble by Chris Garza

Quality Built

Quality Built by Chris Garza


Vintage by Chris Garza

Duck Tree with Soap?

Duck Tree with Soap? by Barbara Moran

Ducky Christmas

Ducky Christmas by Barbara Moran

Holiday Football & Pizza

Holiday Football & Pizza by Barbara Moran

Quack Power

Quack Power by Barbara Moran

Box of Quackers

Box of Quackers by Barbara Moran

Santa's Been Here

Santa's Been Here by Barbara Moran


Touchdown by Barbara Moran


River by Larry Hurst

the Coast

the Coast by Larry Hurst

Mountain Valley 2014

Mountain Valley 2014 by Larry Hurst

the Barn

the Barn by Larry Hurst

Small Talkin'

Small Talkin' by Mary-Minn Sirag

For the Wacky at Heart

For the Wacky at Heart by Molly Nicole

Inspirational Poetry for Peace

Inspirational Poetry for Peace by Molly Nicole


Happy by Roberta Abady

Deer and Mountains

Deer and Mountains by Rhonda Rauch


55 by Chris Garza

Dr. Wrench - original SOLD

Dr. Wrench - original SOLD by Jordan Fuerte

The Well House

The Well House by Alisa McLaughlin

Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos by Alisa McLaughlin

Little Fishy - original SOLD

Little Fishy - original SOLD by Beth Davis

Sunface 2014

Sunface 2014 by Alisa McLaughlin

For the Birds

For the Birds by Alisa McLaughlin


Abstract by Alisa McLaughlin

Jupiter and Io

Jupiter and Io by Stephen Peeler

German Castle - original SOLD

German Castle - original SOLD by Nick Gerlach

Lake Swan - original SOLD

Lake Swan - original SOLD by Nick Gerlach

the Two Needles

the Two Needles by Nick Gerlach


Figures... by Thanasi Papoulias

Captain's Auto Repair

Captain's Auto Repair by Thanasi Papoulias

Dynamic Dude

Dynamic Dude by Thanasi Papoulias

Lovely Snow

Lovely Snow by Carl Kinney

Fog, My Favorite Season

Fog, My Favorite Season by Chuck Roehrich

Stream and Boulders

Stream and Boulders by Chuck Roehrich

After the Storm

After the Storm by Chuck Roehrich

The Race

The Race by Chuck Roehrich


Balance by Chuck Roehrich


Radiance by Candace Waters

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison by David Wheeler

Cat and Puppy

Cat and Puppy by David Wheeler

the Eagle Flies

the Eagle Flies by David Wheeler


Kittens by David Wheeler

Mom and Pups

Mom and Pups by David Wheeler

I Am Autistic

I Am Autistic by Sina Moini

Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus by Sina Moini

A Place for Us

A Place for Us by Sina Moini


Clown by Sina Moini

Orange Sun

Orange Sun by Sina Moini


Hymn by Hunter McBride

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach by Jacynthe Geschke

Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin by Jacynthe Geschke


Lily by Jacynthe Geschke

Blowin' in the Wind

Blowin' in the Wind by Jacynthe Geschke

Homage to Monet

Homage to Monet by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Homage to Van Gogh

Homage to Van Gogh by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Green with Trickling Brook

Green with Trickling Brook by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Pastel Hills

Pastel Hills by Leah DeMonia


Butterfly by Leah DeMonia

Night Lights

Night Lights by Leah DeMonia


Dragon by Mercedes McBride

Holiday Clip Art

Holiday Clip Art by Mercedes McBride

Meditation Pond

Meditation Pond by Mercedes McBride

Manga Girl

Manga Girl by Mercedes McBride

Winter Tree

Winter Tree by Mary-Minn Sirag

I Love You, Mommy

I Love You, Mommy by Melissa Dahl

the Moon

the Moon by Noah Erenberg

Blue Hill

Blue Hill by Noah Erenberg

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar by Macario Perkins


Robotboy by Sean McComas

We Are Bears

We Are Bears by Sean McComas

Contained, Uncontained

Contained, Uncontained by Sean McComas

Softly As It Sets

Softly As It Sets by Sean McComas

Lily Pond

Lily Pond by Sean McComas

Edge of the World

Edge of the World by Sean McComas


Smile! by Melissa Dahl

Crysala and Kala

Crysala and Kala by Melissa Dahl

Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire by Melissa Dahl

Ray of Hope

Ray of Hope by Candace Waters

Night Train #1

Night Train #1 by Aradia Farmer

Lane County Fair #2

Lane County Fair #2 by Michael Wilson

Duck Tails n Cat Tails

Duck Tails n Cat Tails by Michael Toftum

Sunset Palms

Sunset Palms by Michael Toftum

Lane County Fair #1

Lane County Fair #1 by Michael Wilson

Lane County Fair #3

Lane County Fair #3 by Michael Wilson

Trouble at Sea

Trouble at Sea by Talon Percilick


Harbor by Neri Avraham

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains by Neri Avraham

Winter Mountains

Winter Mountains by Neri Avraham

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset by Neri Avraham


October by Nora Blansett


Verdi by Nora Blansett

Red Riding Wolf

Red Riding Wolf by Nicole Taylor

Pallette Knife

Pallette Knife by Nicole Taylor

Perry Turns 50

Perry Turns 50 by Perry Johnson

Moe, Larry and Curly

Moe, Larry and Curly by Perry Johnson

Spring Theory

Spring Theory by Roberta Abady

Flower Pot

Flower Pot by Saige Donaldson

Night Stars

Night Stars by Saige Donaldson


Overdose by Stephen Peeler

Pals Forever

Pals Forever by Jordan Fuerte

I'm Going to France

I'm Going to France by Rhonda Rauch

Night Owl

Night Owl by Marcy Deutsch


Lighthouse by Marcy Deutsch

Angel Cat

Angel Cat by Melissa Dahl


Hearts by Melissa Dahl


WAR by Melissa Dahl

Hurry Up and Wait

Hurry Up and Wait by Max Lester


Happy! by Melissa Dahl

I Love You Mommy

I Love You Mommy by Melissa Dahl

Sad Horsie

Sad Horsie by Melissa Dahl

China Dragon

China Dragon by Melissa Dahl


PARTY! by Melissa Dahl

Dreaming of Sunrise

Dreaming of Sunrise by Max Lester

Ice Cream Treat

Ice Cream Treat by Max Lester

Baby Horse Gets a Ride

Baby Horse Gets a Ride by Melissa Dahl

Bursting into Here and Now

Bursting into Here and Now by Mary-Minn Sirag

Tongues of Fire - original SOLD

Tongues of Fire - original SOLD by Mary-Minn Sirag

Dancing Through the Autumn Leaves

Dancing Through the Autumn Leaves by Mary-Minn Sirag

Forest Primeval

Forest Primeval by Mary-Minn Sirag

Wild Bull Rider

Wild Bull Rider by Mary-Minn Sirag


Overflow by David Rubin

Winter's Promise

Winter's Promise by Erik Estabrook

Vengeful Victory

Vengeful Victory by Jordan Fuerte

Snow Skiing Fun

Snow Skiing Fun by Jessica Long


Camping by Jessica Long

Kandy Robots

Kandy Robots by Jessica Long

Scuba Fun

Scuba Fun by Jessica Long

Abstract Palm Tree

Abstract Palm Tree by Kevin Hosseini

Bus or Cycle

Bus or Cycle by Kevin Hosseini


Cowboys by Kevin Hosseini


Horses by Kevin Hosseini


Tokyo by Kevin Hosseini

Night Valley

Night Valley by Leah DeMonia

Lady with the Polka-Dot Cape

Lady with the Polka-Dot Cape by Leah DeMonia

My Ornaments

My Ornaments by Leah DeMonia

Love 2013

Love 2013 by Leah DeMonia


Pinwheel by Leah DeMonia

Sand Dollars

Sand Dollars by Leah DeMonia


Bee by Larry Hurst

Autumn - original sold for $125

Autumn - original sold for $125 by Larry Hurst

Farm Life

Farm Life by Marcy Deutsch

Barn in the Snow

Barn in the Snow by Larry Hurst

A Forest Pool

A Forest Pool by Larry Hurst

Spring 2013

Spring 2013 by Larry Hurst


Summer by Larry Hurst


Winter by Larry Hurst

African River

African River by Beth Davis

Hole Tree

Hole Tree by Beth Davis


Yosemite by Ben Iorio


Tower by Ben Wefler

the EYE

the EYE by Ben Wefler


SUN by Alisa McLaughlin

Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Alisa McLaughlin

Yellow Orange

Yellow Orange by Alisa McLaughlin

Dark Swirl

Dark Swirl by Max Lester

South China Sea

South China Sea by Max Lester

Trying to Break Through

Trying to Break Through by Max Lester


Oracle by Nora Blansett

Spun Gold

Spun Gold by Nora Blansett

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly by Nora Blansett

Dragon Flies

Dragon Flies by Nora Blansett

Fish in Space

Fish in Space by Nora Blansett

I am my own Rainbow

I am my own Rainbow by Nora Blansett


Remember by Nora Blansett

Just Breathe

Just Breathe by Nora Blansett

Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger by Claire Athens


Mandrill by Claire Athens

American Bison

American Bison by Claire Athens

Autumn's Light

Autumn's Light by Larry Hurst


Basketball by Larry Hurst


Dreaming by Larry Hurst


GOD by Larry Hurst


Harvest by Larry Hurst

Madrone Forest

Madrone Forest by Larry Hurst


Portrait by Larry Hurst

Guard Dog

Guard Dog by Larry Hurst

On My Own

On My Own by Larry Hurst

Nice House

Nice House by Larry Hurst


Monuments by Larry Hurst

Forest's Edge

Forest's Edge by Larry Hurst

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost by Kwang Lee

Korean Farmer

Korean Farmer by Kwang Lee


Cowboy by Kwang Lee

Korean Street Vendor

Korean Street Vendor by Kwang Lee


Occupied by Kwang Lee

Farm Team

Farm Team by Kwang Lee

White Asian Tiger

White Asian Tiger by Kwang Lee

Birthday Party

Birthday Party by Kwang Lee

Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty by Kwang Lee

Oregon Bird

Oregon Bird by Kwang Lee

Ireland Farmhouse

Ireland Farmhouse by Neri Avraham

Purple Mt, Ireland

Purple Mt, Ireland by Neri Avraham

Tiberia Close Up

Tiberia Close Up by Neri Avraham

Yellow Green Field

Yellow Green Field by Neri Avraham

Night Vision

Night Vision by Chuck Roehrich

Colors of You

Colors of You by Chuck Roehrich

Sweet Creek

Sweet Creek by Chuck Roehrich

Waiting for You

Waiting for You by Chuck Roehrich

Mountain Nyla

Mountain Nyla by Claire Athens


Lion by Claire Athens

Against All Odds

Against All Odds by Carl Kinney

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations by Hannah Pfrang

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas by Hannah Pfrang

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays by Hannah Pfrang


Butterfly by Ethan Anderson

Wreck it Ralph Christmas

Wreck it Ralph Christmas by Lexi Sias

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper by Macario Perkins

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning by Macario Perkins


Icicles by Macario Perkins

Frosty on the Roof

Frosty on the Roof by Barbara Moran

Humbug Choo Choo

Humbug Choo Choo by Barbara Moran

Merry Christmas (2012)

Merry Christmas (2012) by Barbara Moran

Ready, Aim, Sing!

Ready, Aim, Sing! by Barbara Moran


Reds by Amber Pappas


Greens by Amber Pappas

Orange to Yellow

Orange to Yellow by Amber Pappas


Purples by Amber Pappas


Dragon by Amber Pappas

Garden of delight

Garden of delight by Amber Pappas

Tammi's Tulips

Tammi's Tulips by Amber Pappas

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations by Hannah Pfrang

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas by Hannah Pfrang

Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday by Hannah Pfrang

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings by Nick Gerlach

Winter River

Winter River by Nick Gerlach


Pathway by Nick Gerlach

Blue Mood

Blue Mood by Tristan Parsons

Red Mood

Red Mood by Tristan Parsons

Fall Rain

Fall Rain by Tristan Parsons

Clear Skies Ahead

Clear Skies Ahead by Tristan Parsons


Turkey by Larry Hurst

Under my Quilt

Under my Quilt by Leah DeMonia

Dancing Lady

Dancing Lady by Leah DeMonia

Glitter Crown

Glitter Crown by Leah DeMonia

Sea Captain

Sea Captain by Leah DeMonia

Springtime Bird

Springtime Bird by Leah DeMonia

Everybody Dance Now

Everybody Dance Now by Dorothy H. Bucher

My Silver Tree

My Silver Tree by Dorothy H. Bucher

A castle of my own

A castle of my own by David Reed

Drink Me

Drink Me by David Reed

Black Portrait

Black Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Red Portrait

Red Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Blue Faces

Blue Faces by Elad Finkelstein


Love by Nora Blansett

Bend Sky

Bend Sky by Beth Davis

Hippy Party

Hippy Party by Beth Davis

Crab Claws

Crab Claws by Beth Davis

Thorn Bush

Thorn Bush by Beth Davis


Tornado by Ben Wefler

Tangled Web

Tangled Web by Beth Davis

The Altar of Freedom

The Altar of Freedom by Ben Iorio

She can stop traffic

She can stop traffic by Barbara Moran


Joker by Ben Wefler

Sun #5

Sun #5 by Candace Waters


Mushroom by Dorothy H. Bucher


Face by Dorothy H. Bucher


Life by David Reed

Wake Up

Wake Up by David Reed


Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Queen of Sheva

Queen of Sheva by Elad Finkelstein


Horse by Frank Allen

Neo London Mega Shark

Neo London Mega Shark by Frank Allen

Sea Bear

Sea Bear by Frank Allen

Fresh packed salads

Fresh packed salads by Jane Strauss

Whirling Dervishes - original SOLD

Whirling Dervishes - original SOLD by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Crooked Trees

Crooked Trees by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Butterfly Tree

Butterfly Tree by Kevin Hosseini


Greece by Kevin Hosseini

Mountain Valley (original sold)

Mountain Valley (original sold) by Larry Hurst

My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood by Kwang Lee

Orange Trees

Orange Trees by Macario Perkins

Climbing Tree

Climbing Tree by Macario Perkins

Giving Trees

Giving Trees by Macario Perkins

the Forest

the Forest by Macario Perkins

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Marcy Deutsch


Hummingbirds by Marcy Deutsch

Im Namen der Rose

Im Namen der Rose by Monika Mori "Moo"


rosenmeer by Monika Mori "Moo"

Northern Lights

Northern Lights by Mary-Minn Sirag

Suburban Grotto

Suburban Grotto by Mary-Minn Sirag

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers by Neri Avraham


Spring by Neri Avraham

Paint Swirls

Paint Swirls by Madrona Hiveley

Frosted Flowers

Frosted Flowers by Madrona Hiveley


Illusions by Madrona Hiveley


Home by Madrona Hiveley


Sunlight by Madrona Hiveley

Nuclear Fireworks

Nuclear Fireworks by Mary-Minn Sirag


Palmyra by Mary-Minn Sirag

Tiny Bubbles

Tiny Bubbles by Mary-Minn Sirag


Abstraction by Roberta Abady

Giraffes of Love

Giraffes of Love by Rhonda Rauch

Napalm Death

Napalm Death by Stephen Peeler

Autism Field of Dreams poster

Autism Field of Dreams poster by Dani Bowman

Change the World

Change the World by Dani Bowman

Pani Lin

Pani Lin by Dani Bowman


Together by Molly Nicole


Snowbird by Larry Hurst

My House

My House by Larry Hurst

Emerald Valley Engine

Emerald Valley Engine by Barbara Moran

Here I Come

Here I Come by Barbara Moran

Warm and Cozy Inside our Purple House

Warm and Cozy Inside our Purple House by Barbara Moran

Get on Board the Snow Train

Get on Board the Snow Train by Barbara Moran

Spud Safe House

Spud Safe House by Barbara Moran

Year Around Driver

Year Around Driver by Barbara Moran

the 844 - Happy Rails to You

the 844 - Happy Rails to You by Barbara Moran

Fierce Ducky

Fierce Ducky by Jane Strauss

First Snow in the Park

First Snow in the Park by Jane Strauss


Guardian by Jane Strauss


KITTY by Jane Strauss

the Flats

the Flats by Jane Strauss

Rum River in Winter

Rum River in Winter by Jane Strauss


Sundogs by Jane Strauss

Wild Turkeys on the Loose

Wild Turkeys on the Loose by Jane Strauss

Winter Branches

Winter Branches by Jane Strauss

Winter Road

Winter Road by Jane Strauss

Silver Falls

Silver Falls by Nick Gerlach

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy by Lexi Sias

Merry Christmas

On Sale!
Merry Christmas by Lexi Sias

Kwang's Parrot

Kwang's Parrot by Kwang Lee


Flamingo by Kwang Lee

Blue Cat

Blue Cat by Kwang Lee

Cupid Kitty

Cupid Kitty by Kwang Lee


Falcon by Kwang Lee


Leopard by Kwang Lee

Princess Cat

Princess Cat by Kwang Lee

Still a Monster After All These Years?

Still a Monster After All These Years? by Carl Kinney

Babysitters Beware

Babysitters Beware by Carl Kinney

Christmas Dinner Nightmare

Christmas Dinner Nightmare by Carl Kinney

College Days Christmas

College Days Christmas by Carl Kinney

Coastal Farm

Coastal Farm by Larry Hurst

Sunrise Farm

Sunrise Farm by Larry Hurst

Flower Field

Flower Field by Larry Hurst

River Castle

River Castle by Larry Hurst

Spring in Eugene Series #1

Spring in Eugene Series #1 by Larry Hurst

Spring in Eugene Series #2

Spring in Eugene Series #2 by Larry Hurst

Better Flag

Better Flag by Graham Bailey

The Ghost

The Ghost by Graham Bailey

Not Art

Not Art by Graham Bailey

Kerry With DollTime To

Kerry With DollTime To by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Ink Lovers

Ink Lovers by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Shattered Image, self-portrait

Shattered Image, self-portrait by Kimberly Gerry Tucker


Peace by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Looking Down

Looking Down by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Hugging Trees

On Sale!
Hugging Trees by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Bambi and Friend

Bambi and Friend by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

Man In Yellow Shirt Reclining

Man In Yellow Shirt Reclining by Kimberly Gerry Tucker

A Purple Storm

A Purple Storm by Ronan James

A Second Slice of Autism

A Second Slice of Autism by Ronan James

Heart of Rock n Roll

Heart of Rock n Roll by Ronan James

Light Through the Tunnel

Light Through the Tunnel by Ronan James

My Favorite Window

My Favorite Window by Rhonda Rauch

Two Flowers

Two Flowers by Rhonda Rauch

Cat Diablo

Cat Diablo by Rhonda Rauch

Deep Aquatic

Deep Aquatic by Rhonda Rauch

Insect Planet

Insect Planet by Rhonda Rauch

Bob's Sushi

Bob's Sushi by Rachel Brasted-Maki

the Grass is Always Greener

the Grass is Always Greener by Rachel Brasted-Maki

Anime Rose

Anime Rose by Rachel Brasted-Maki

Polar Bears

Polar Bears by Rachel Lee

Toxic Eruption

Toxic Eruption by Jordan Fuerte

Walk on the Beach

Walk on the Beach by Beth Davis


Shapeorama by Beth Davis


Vapors by Erik Estabrook


Melody by Erik Estabrook

Neon Puff Girls

Neon Puff Girls by Lexi Sias


Friendship by Lexi Sias

Jiggly Puff

Jiggly Puff by Lexi Sias

Essence of Orange

Essence of Orange by Ryan Mattox

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog by Marcy Deutsch

Sea Bird Sunrise

Sea Bird Sunrise by Marcy Deutsch

Res Still Life

Res Still Life by Renee Curtiss

Palmyra, NY

Palmyra, NY by Hunter McBride


Katrina by Hunter McBride

Spiral Rock

Spiral Rock by Nick Gerlach

Saguaro Skyline

Saguaro Skyline by Nick Gerlach

Ancient Dwelling

Ancient Dwelling by Nick Gerlach


Nasturtiums by Mary-Minn Sirag

African Scene

African Scene by Marcy Deutsch

New Cattails

New Cattails by Larry Hurst

Distant Peak

Distant Peak by Larry Hurst


Birds by Larry Hurst

Dream Valley

Dream Valley by Larry Hurst


Dogs by Larry Hurst


Liberty by Leah DeMonia

Cherry Blossom Beginnings

Cherry Blossom Beginnings by Leah DeMonia

Atomic Blocks

Atomic Blocks by Leah DeMonia


Hollywood by Kevin Hosseini

New York #2

New York #2 by Kevin Hosseini

Silk Bazaar

Silk Bazaar by Kevin Hosseini


Sunset by Kevin Hosseini


Gauguin by Kevin Hosseini

Angel Wings

Angel Wings by Hannah Pfrang


Fireworks by Hannah Pfrang


Sunset by Hannah Pfrang

Handsome Devil

Handsome Devil by Eric Wahl

Lord Maitreya

Lord Maitreya by Eric Wahl

Queen of the Damned

Queen of the Damned by Eric Wahl


Asperger by Dorothy H. Bucher

Green Samurai

Green Samurai by Dorothy H. Bucher

Purple Flower

Purple Flower by Dorothy H. Bucher

Painting of a Woman

Painting of a Woman by Dorothy H. Bucher

Sitting Woman

Sitting Woman by Dorothy H. Bucher

Tipi Motel

Tipi Motel by Barbara Moran

Milk Store

Milk Store by Barbara Moran

Burning a CD

Burning a CD by Barbara Moran

Great Grub Market

Great Grub Market by Barbara Moran

In Your Face

In Your Face by Barbara Moran

Lincoln and the Flag

Lincoln and the Flag by Ben Iorio

Honest Abe

Honest Abe by Ben Iorio

Mt Hood Spring

Mt Hood Spring by Zach Richer-Snyder


Jazz by Zach Richer-Snyder

Green Creature in the Fire

Green Creature in the Fire by Vijay Patnaik

Self Portrait and Politics

Self Portrait and Politics by Stephen Peeler

Shine On

Shine On by Scott Jackson

By a waterfall in France

By a waterfall in France by Rhonda Rauch

New World - original SOLD

New World - original SOLD by Roberta Abady

Face in the Cloud

Face in the Cloud by Paul Maywood

Calendar Images

Calendar Images by Rachel Lee

Cover Image

Cover Image by Rachel Lee

Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates by Carl Kinney

The Calm

The Calm by Scott Jackson

Winter Family

Winter Family by Scott Jackson

Hope is Built

Hope is Built by Scott Jackson

Sheppard of the Sea

Sheppard of the Sea by Scott Jackson

Peace in the Rapids

Peace in the Rapids by Scott Jackson


Stimming... by Scott Jackson

Cave Prayer

Cave Prayer by Juli Krasinski

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath by Hunter McBride

The Light

The Light by Eric Wahl


Transitions by Eric Wahl

On and on and on and...

On and on and on and... by Eric Wahl

Which Way Now?

Which Way Now? by Eric Wahl

Talking Head

Talking Head by Kelly Jarmain


Jumping by Kelly Jarmain

A dash of red

A dash of red by Kelly Jarmain


Reef by Kelly Jarmain

Reaching for You

Reaching for You by Kelly Jarmain

Butterfly Fountain

Butterfly Fountain by Kelly Jarmain


Eruption by Kelly Jarmain

The Tornado

The Tornado by Barbara Moran

Elvis Clinchfield

Elvis Clinchfield by Barbara Moran

One Hot Engine...

One Hot Engine... by Barbara Moran

Wish you were here...

Wish you were here... by Barbara Moran

School Crossing

School Crossing by Barbara Moran

Jinglebell Express

Jinglebell Express by Barbara Moran

Harvest Time

Harvest Time by Hunter McBride

Where is it?

Where is it? by Mary-Minn Sirag


Foxy by Carl Kinney

An Interesting Day

An Interesting Day by Juli Krasinski


Bubbles by Juli Krasinski


Sisters by Juli Krasinski

Golden Images

Golden Images by Vijay Patnaik

Warm Day

Warm Day by Vijay Patnaik

Blue Clouds

Blue Clouds by Vijay Patnaik

Summer Watermelon

Summer Watermelon by Leah DeMonia

Midnight Snowman

Midnight Snowman by Leah DeMonia

My Favorite Flowers

My Favorite Flowers by Leah DeMonia

I'm Ready - Let's Go!

I'm Ready - Let's Go! by Leah DeMonia

...No Evil...

...No Evil... by Barbara Moran

Christmas Eve Tree

Christmas Eve Tree by Leah DeMonia

Beach Grass

Beach Grass by Michael Toftum

Still Standing - Mountain and Tree

Still Standing - Mountain and Tree by Michael Toftum

Tree by the Sea

Tree by the Sea by Michael Toftum


Duck by Michael Toftum

Two Deer

Two Deer by Hunter McBride

Septober's Blush

Septober's Blush by Mary-Minn Sirag


Whirlwind by Mary-Minn Sirag


Volcano by Roberta Abady

Almost There

Almost There by Roberta Abady

Waking Up

Waking Up by Roberta Abady


Falling by Roberta Abady

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up! by Ryan Mattox

Green Leaf

Green Leaf by Ryan Mattox

Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas Tree Lights by Ryan Mattox

Christmas Light

Christmas Light by Ryan Mattox

Beach Trees

Beach Trees by Frank Flanders


Comfort by Frank Flanders

Still Life - Cup

Still Life - Cup by Frank Flanders


Star by Frank Flanders

Sunny Kitchen

Sunny Kitchen by Frank Flanders

Midnight Flowers

Midnight Flowers by Frank Flanders

Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers by Frank Flanders


Lilies by Frank Flanders


Farmhouse by Frank Flanders


Watermelon by Frank Flanders


Bouquet by Frank Flanders


Shoes by Frank Flanders

Love Flowers

Love Flowers by Frank Flanders

Snow Tree

Snow Tree by Frank Flanders


Sun by Frank Flanders

Little Bird

Little Bird by Frank Flanders


Rain by Frank Flanders

Love Heals

Love Heals by Frank Flanders

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Frank Flanders

Flowers on orange

Flowers on orange by Frank Flanders

Why Don't You Write Me?

Why Don't You Write Me? by Bryon Youngblood

Hot Drinks!

Hot Drinks! by D J Svoboda


Juggler by D J Svoboda

Shake Your Tail

Shake Your Tail by D J Svoboda


Mupporezmo by D J Svoboda

Big Field Freinds

Big Field Freinds by D J Svoboda


Violinist by Kim Miller

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe by Kim Miller

Lonely Streets

Lonely Streets by Kim Miller

No Words for Grief

No Words for Grief by Kim Miller


Grief by Kim Miller

Mind Palace - original SOLD

Mind Palace - original SOLD by Kim Miller

Unconcious Mind

Unconcious Mind by Kim Miller

Best Pals

Best Pals by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Holiday Kitties

Holiday Kitties by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Mom's Hat

Mom's Hat by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

My Mom is Beautiful

My Mom is Beautiful by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

No Snow for Christmas!?

No Snow for Christmas!? by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Snow Clown

Snow Clown by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Stawberies n Cream

Stawberies n Cream by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

I Made This

I Made This by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Party Hat

Party Hat by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn


Burgervilla by Arthur Simo

Happy Land

Happy Land by Arthur Simo

Heart Music

Heart Music by Arthur Simo

Cat Family

Cat Family by Arthur Simo

Yellow SubSneaker

Yellow SubSneaker by Arthur Simo


Angel by Arthur Simo

Best Buddies

Best Buddies by Arthur Simo


Leaf by Jacynthe Geschke

Pond Skater

Pond Skater by Jacynthe Geschke


Rainbow by Jacynthe Geschke

Orange Lillies

Orange Lillies by Jacynthe Geschke

Tall Tree

Tall Tree by Jacynthe Geschke

Happy Feet

Happy Feet by Arthur Simo


Rooster by Arthur Simo

Mosquito Jam

Mosquito Jam by Arthur Simo

Oregon Waterfall

Oregon Waterfall by Hunter McBride


Flowers by Hunter McBride

Desk Lamps Playing Checkers

Desk Lamps Playing Checkers by Jaden Roche

Desk Lamps

Desk Lamps by Jaden Roche

Flock of Pigeons

Flock of Pigeons by Jody John Ramey

Top of St. Paul's

Top of St. Paul's by Jody John Ramey

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy Birthday, Jesus by Josh Zondowicz


MegaChristmas by Josh Zondowicz

Santa on Vacation

Santa on Vacation by Josh Zondowicz


Feathers by Nora Blansett


Angel by Nora Blansett

Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses by Nora Blansett

Star Flower

Star Flower by Nora Blansett

Do Not Think Me Blind

Do Not Think Me Blind by Nora Blansett

Even When I Close My Eyes

Even When I Close My Eyes by Nora Blansett

Fly by Night

Fly by Night by Nora Blansett

In Her Own Garden

In Her Own Garden by Nora Blansett

Infinitely Puzzled - original sold

Infinitely Puzzled - original sold by Nora Blansett

Angel Eye

Angel Eye by Nora Blansett

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty by Suzie Noel Duncan Winn

Same Inside

Same Inside by Nick Gerlach

Good Morning Tulips

Good Morning Tulips by Nick Gerlach

Life - Light - Love

Life - Light - Love by Nick Gerlach

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore by Nick Gerlach


Giraffe by Nick Gerlach

the Astoria, Oregon bridge

the Astoria, Oregon bridge by Nick Gerlach

Sandstone and Sky

Sandstone and Sky by Nick Gerlach

Zera and Friends

Zera and Friends by Lexi Sias


Autism... by Lexi Sias

Minnie and friends

Minnie and friends by Lexi Sias

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun by Lexi Sias

I've Got You

I've Got You by Lexi Sias


Mirror by Lexi Sias

I'm Bored

I'm Bored by Lexi Sias

My Pals

My Pals by Lexi Sias


Mystic by Lexi Sias


Snowyman by Hunter McBride

And to All...

And to All... by Hunter McBride

Christmas Sunday

Christmas Sunday by Hunter McBride

Decorating the tree

Decorating the tree by Hunter McBride

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat by Hunter McBride


Diver by Michael McJunkin

Mona Lisa on Vacation

Mona Lisa on Vacation by Michael McJunkin


Cheetah by Josh Breedlove

Snowly Weds

Snowly Weds by Josh Breedlove

Teddy's Hobby Horse

Teddy's Hobby Horse by Josh Breedlove


Butterfly by David Olson


Sunset by David Olson

Pull My Finger...

Pull My Finger... by Carl Kinney

All I Want for Christmas...

All I Want for Christmas... by Carl Kinney

Bad Dog

Bad Dog by Carl Kinney

Love is All Around

Love is All Around by Carl Kinney

Autism Rocks!

Autism Rocks! by Carl Kinney

A Real Bad Day

A Real Bad Day by Carl Kinney

Get Well Soon

Get Well Soon by Carl Kinney

Lend Your Voice

Lend Your Voice by Carl Kinney

uh Oh...

uh Oh... by Carl Kinney

Red Cactus

Red Cactus by Kevin Hosseini

Man in the Sun

Man in the Sun by Kevin Hosseini

Self Portrait

Self Portrait by Kevin Hosseini

We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together by Leah DeMonia

Blue Men

Blue Men by Leah DeMonia

Good Day Boy

Good Day Boy by Leah DeMonia

Four Balloons

Four Balloons by Leah DeMonia

Undersea World

Undersea World by Marcy Deutsch

Penguin Family

Penguin Family by Marcy Deutsch

Farm House

Farm House by Marcy Deutsch

Northwest Wildlife

Northwest Wildlife by Marcy Deutsch

Snow Cabin

Snow Cabin by Marcy Deutsch

Watering the Garden

Watering the Garden by Renee Curtiss


YES! by Renee Curtiss


Friends by Renee Curtiss


Toad by Renee Curtiss


Balloons by Renee Curtiss


Lilies by Renee Curtiss

Still Life - Flowers

Still Life - Flowers by Renee Curtiss

Vase and Flowers

Vase and Flowers by Renee Curtiss

Cat and Bamboo

Cat and Bamboo by Renee Curtiss


Hands by Kwame Minta


Africa by Kwame Minta


Elvis by Kwame Minta

the Elephant Speaks

the Elephant Speaks by Kwame Minta

Bad Mood...

Bad Mood... by Kwame Minta

Just Me

Just Me by Ryo Mastrogiovanni

3 Olive Trees

3 Olive Trees by Juli Krasinski

Chaste Moon

Chaste Moon by Juli Krasinski

Night Mother

Night Mother by Juli Krasinski

Country House

Country House by Juli Krasinski


Coven by Juli Krasinski

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Eat Drink and Be Merry by Barbara Moran

Red Engine, Yellow Crew

Red Engine, Yellow Crew by Barbara Moran

Yes, Virginia

Yes, Virginia by Barbara Moran

Christmas Engine

Christmas Engine by Barbara Moran

Don't wish me a Merry Christmas...

Don't wish me a Merry Christmas... by Barbara Moran

All Aboard!

All Aboard! by Barbara Moran

St Barbara's Church

St Barbara's Church by Barbara Moran

Ernie's Comin' Through

Ernie's Comin' Through by Barbara Moran


Distracted by Mary-Minn Sirag

My Backyard

My Backyard by Mary-Minn Sirag

Rainbow Sky

Rainbow Sky by Mary-Minn Sirag

Northern Sky Duo

Northern Sky Duo by Mary-Minn Sirag

Flower Glass

Flower Glass by Dorothy H. Bucher


Pain by Dorothy H. Bucher

Sad Man

Sad Man by Dorothy H. Bucher

Fantasy Foliage

Fantasy Foliage by Dorothy H. Bucher

Painting of a Nude

Painting of a Nude by Dorothy H. Bucher

Wheelchair and Me

Wheelchair and Me by Dorothy H. Bucher

Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Happy New Year by Dorothy H. Bucher

Super Cat Rides Again

Super Cat Rides Again by Dorothy H. Bucher

Christmas Loves Oregon

Christmas Loves Oregon by Dorothy H. Bucher

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays by Dorothy H. Bucher


Balloons by Candace Waters

Sunshine #1

Sunshine #1 by Candace Waters

Sunshine #4

Sunshine #4 by Candace Waters

Happy Dreams

Happy Dreams by Candace Waters


Cheetah by Josh Breedlove


Cubs by Josh Breedlove

Cosmic Landscape

Cosmic Landscape by Stephen Peeler

Home #15

Home #15 by Stephen Peeler

Green's Colors

Green's Colors by Mary-Minn Sirag

All About Green

All About Green by Mary-Minn Sirag

Cyclamen Duo

Cyclamen Duo by Mary-Minn Sirag

Fog Fire

Fog Fire by Mary-Minn Sirag


Choices by Mary-Minn Sirag

Moon Chases Sun

Moon Chases Sun by Stephen Peeler

Sun Over Mercury

Sun Over Mercury by Stephen Peeler

Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf by Stephen Peeler

Saturn #1

Saturn #1 by Stephen Peeler

Uranus Rising

Uranus Rising by Stephen Peeler

Forest of Mystery

Forest of Mystery by Stephen Peeler

Starlight Walk

Starlight Walk by Stephen Peeler

The Ripper

The Ripper by Stephen Peeler

Midnight Meeting

Midnight Meeting by Stephen Peeler

Here We are

Here We are by Stephen Peeler

Jupiter Fly-by

Jupiter Fly-by by Stephen Peeler

Jupiter Neighborhood

Jupiter Neighborhood by Stephen Peeler

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady by Dorothy H. Bucher

Christmas is Love

Christmas is Love by Dorothy H. Bucher

Merchandise Photo