Color Explosion 2012

GALA OPENING DECEMBER 7, First Friday Art Walk, 5:30 pm. with music by LAURA KEMP.

This Art Exhibition will feature original art and notecards from two of KindTree - Autism Rocks' most colorful artists: Kwang Lee and Larry Hurst.

Both have difficulty communicating, both paint virtually non-stop, and both are very proud of this show and their work.

Location: the Jazz Station, 124 W Broadway, Eugene
Start Time: Dec. 6, 2012 at 5:30 p.m.
End Time: Jan. 2, 2013 at 4:40 p.m.
Price: free
Holiday snacks and more
Meet the Artists!

Autism affects more than 1 in 88 young people in Eugene, as well as many adults who are your neighbors and friends. People living with autism can see the world through different eyes, and often use visual art to express their inner selves that might otherwise remain hidden. Such is the case with these two men.

See the photo album of the Gala Opening here.

Please support artists with autism by purchasing their work. Thank you!

Winter Tree

Winter Tree by Mary-Minn Sirag

Autumn's Light

Autumn's Light by Larry Hurst


Basketball by Larry Hurst


Dreaming by Larry Hurst


GOD by Larry Hurst


Harvest by Larry Hurst

Madrone Forest

Madrone Forest by Larry Hurst


Portrait by Larry Hurst

Guard Dog

Guard Dog by Larry Hurst

On My Own

On My Own by Larry Hurst

Nice House

Nice House by Larry Hurst


Monuments by Larry Hurst

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost

Cat Jumps Over the Moon Almost by Kwang Lee

Korean Farmer

Korean Farmer by Kwang Lee


Cowboy by Kwang Lee

Korean Street Vendor

Korean Street Vendor by Kwang Lee


Occupied by Kwang Lee

Kitty Heaven

Kitty Heaven by Kwang Lee

Farm Team

Farm Team by Kwang Lee

White Asian Tiger

White Asian Tiger by Kwang Lee

Birthday Party

Birthday Party by Kwang Lee

Snow Kitty

Snow Kitty by Kwang Lee

Oregon Bird

Oregon Bird by Kwang Lee

Kwang's Parrot

Kwang's Parrot by Kwang Lee


Flamingo by Kwang Lee

Blue Cat

Blue Cat by Kwang Lee

Cupid Kitty

Cupid Kitty by Kwang Lee


Leopard by Kwang Lee

Coastal Farm

Coastal Farm by Larry Hurst

River Castle

River Castle by Larry Hurst

Distant Peak

Distant Peak by Larry Hurst


Birds by Larry Hurst

Dream Valley

Dream Valley by Larry Hurst

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