Vijay Patnaik

Artist image

Vijat Patnaik with his work

 Vijay is a 25  year old (2101) non-verbal man with autism who communicates with a canvas  He has won one national award through the University of San Diego and one state award through West Virginia University for his abstract art and color choices.  His designs vary and his emotions dictate his color choices.  Vijay has sold his artwork on Ebay and donated his canvas painting every year for the annual Walk for Autism


Artwork by Vijay Patnaik


Patchwork by Vijay Patnaik

Green Creature in the Fire

Green Creature in the Fire by Vijay Patnaik

Golden Images

Golden Images by Vijay Patnaik

Warm Day

Warm Day by Vijay Patnaik

Blue Clouds

Blue Clouds by Vijay Patnaik

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