Thanasi Papoulias

Thanasi, the artist is 12 years old and has a passion for creating comics and his own comic book heroes. He is a great admirer of the works of Bruce Blitz

Thanasi is 12 years and was adopted at the age o 6 months from Kazakhstan. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 22mths. Thanasi spent years in therapy learning how to speak and communicate. He is in a regular classroom with supports and is going to enter middle school. He has been drawing since the age of 5 or 6 and his style is continuing to change in develop. He is self taught through the use of DVD's, books and You tube. His favorite markers are Sharpies and Prisma Color.


Artwork by Thanasi Papoulias


Figures... by Thanasi Papoulias

Captain's Auto Repair

Captain's Auto Repair by Thanasi Papoulias

Dynamic Dude

Dynamic Dude by Thanasi Papoulias

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