Sina Moini

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I am Autisitc

My name is Sina. I am 10 years old and autistic. I live with my parents in Vienna/Austria.

I am non-verbal und communicate with single words or pictures. I often use computer (Internet) to show my parents what I have to say.

I have a lot of hobbies.

I love music (Music is my life). I hear that all the time and sing or hum the melody.

Drawing and painting give me a way of showing my feelings. I cannot speak but can speak with the world around me with my art.I am cheerful, quick, friendly and independent.


Artwork by Sina Moini

I Am Autistic

I Am Autistic by Sina Moini

Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus by Sina Moini

A Place for Us

A Place for Us by Sina Moini


Clown by Sina Moini

Orange Sun

Orange Sun by Sina Moini

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