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Scott Jackson

Scott Jackson

My name is Scott Jackson & I’m a 38 year old husband & father who has Asperger’s Syndrome.  I live in the state of Maine, U.S.A.  I began drawing at the age of six. 

From the ages of 6-15, I was abused & isolated.  My closet became my hide-away & my pen & paper was my escape.  My life experiences are as evident in my artwork as they are in my poetry, music & writings.  My sincere desire is that people will get a glimpse into my heart, soul & mind & never underestimate the incredible talents & abilities of each who has a different-ability.

Artwork by Scott Jackson

Shine On

Shine On by Scott Jackson

The Calm

The Calm by Scott Jackson

Winter Family

Winter Family by Scott Jackson

Hope is Built

Hope is Built by Scott Jackson

Sheppard of the Sea

Sheppard of the Sea by Scott Jackson

Peace in the Rapids

Peace in the Rapids by Scott Jackson


Stimming... by Scott Jackson

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