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Heroes, by Poominun Boonipat

Poominun is an outsider artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. He was born and raised in Bangkok. Later, he came to the United States to pursue a bachelor degree in history. Poominun has a service mind and a kind heart. He loves to help other people, similar to all the heroes he admires. He is currently a teaching assistant for English language classes in Bangkok.

My Drawing Experience: "I started drawing in elementary school. At first I became interested and fascinated in drawing. First I began to draw basic pictures or stick persons. After that, I did not get the opportunity to draw again for a few years. Until staff coach named Gift come to teach me at Autistic Thai Association in Bangkok last year in 2014, she taught me how to draw and she also told me that I can draw anything that I like or enjoy drawing the most. So I chose to draw some pictures of Marvel superheroes and animals. Later at home, I began to draw complex drawings of buildings, cars, trees and people which at first I’m not familiar or don’t know how to draw people or buildings properly. But when I started drawing a few more pictures, I became more skillful and enjoyed drawing even more. But I have a few minor corrections to make in some of my drawings which is a good thing. It gives me some practice into drawing some really great pictures in the future. For example, I drew Marvel superheroes (The Avengers) like Captain America, Hawkeye and Iron Man which I think they looked quite perfect and beautiful in my opinion. The reason that I draw Captain America and Iron Man because I loved the characters and their cinematic portrayals in the Marvel movies, for example, the latest being Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron."

Artwork by Poominun Boonipat


Heroes by Poominun Boonipat

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