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Paul Maywood - Face in the Cloud

I became interested in photography at the age of twelve and I took my first ever photo with an Ilford camera (circa 1967) and I had a Polaroid two years later which really proved an instant hit for me. For many years, up until 2004, I was happy taking photos with non-digital cameras and to send off my films to Truprint and store them in the good old-fashioned photo albums. I still have a number of these. The added bonus of a digital camera is that however many photos I take of a particular view, in a bid to find the best shot, I cannot use up the film. I have recently joined a Camera Club where I live and this has proved a very good Source to share and mix with other photographers. I hope to attend a Course at my local Community College to learn more how to use my Photoshop Elements. The photo that you have so kindly accepted was taken both naturally and instantly. I had to elevate myself on a caravan step to clear the roof of my neighbour’s Conservatory in Uckfield, East Sussex,UK

Artwork by Paul Maywood

Face in the Cloud

Face in the Cloud by Paul Maywood

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