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Noah Erenberg

Noah Erenberg: I have been a painter since 1990. I paint because it makes me feel wonderful. I like to work outside and look around my neighborhood at the trees, the ocean and the surfers, I have a studio in my house and my artist friends come over and inspire me to paint, They make me happy that I am an artist. With every good painting I make, I become a better artist.

My favorite colors are red, blue and pink. I like to paint abstract paintings because I like bright colors and crazy shapes. Abstract painting reminds me of hip hop music. The abstract shapes come out of my head. Abstract means "from my head."

I was invited to join an international exhibition of visionary art called INTERNAL GUIDANCE SYSTEMS. This show has traveled to many galleries around the world from 2006 to 2008. The curators are Colin Rhodes from Great Britain and Anne Grgich from Seattle, WA.

Here is a link to my Saatchi page which shows a lot of my art:

Artwork by Noah Erenberg


Diva by Noah Erenberg


Avatar by Noah Erenberg


Daisies by Noah Erenberg


Friends by Noah Erenberg

the Moon

the Moon by Noah Erenberg

Blue Hill

Blue Hill by Noah Erenberg

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