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MOO | Monika Mori

was born in 1960 in Moedling (Austria) and had formal trainings by Prof. Anneliese Beschorner. Since 2008, her work has been internationally exhibited and is included in major and private collections.

MOO interpretes - as Goethe remarked - the art as a mediator of the unspeakable. She communicates through her works and wants to re-animate, in the native word-sense! Monika Mori, known as the artist MOO, works with bold colors and strokes, allowing free elements of drips and dashes to bisect her canvases. Her works are highly expressive – she has always wanted the world to hear what she has to say, and these artistic communications embody her emotions, experiences and her delight at the interaction with color. For Mori, color is liberating. Only through art can one mediate the unspeakable, so this allows for a greater freedom within a work. It is a language unto itself and there is merit to all interpretations. The subtle earth palette glows from the surface of the canvas and illuminates the striking dripped forms. Their uneven linear progress forms crowds, forests, circuitry – they travel and lead us on through the painting and beyond. The strength of these paintings reflects the strength of Mori herself, and the intensity of the message she has to convey.

Monika Mori currently lives in Austria and Florida, United States.

Artwork by Monika Mori "Moo"

Im Namen der Rose

Im Namen der Rose by Monika Mori "Moo"


rosenmeer by Monika Mori "Moo"

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