Lexi Sias

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Lexi Sias is a 13- year-old (2009) 8th grade student, diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.  She faces the many challenges of living with autism every day, and has overcome many of these obstacles with her creative mind.  As a child, Lexi could not even draw a stick figure, but is now able to apply her artistic talent and abilities through her animated work.  Lexi also sketches and creates computer art with Microsoft Paint.  She also enjoys writing fan fiction stories.  Her favorite activities are going to the movies and shopping.  Lexi’s ambition is to become a voice actor and a cartoonist.  Lexi is the recipient of a KindTree Artists’ Grant, 2009.

Artwork by Lexi Sias

Wreck it Ralph Christmas

Wreck it Ralph Christmas by Lexi Sias

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy

Lettuce the Christmas Fairy by Lexi Sias

Merry Christmas

On Sale!
Merry Christmas by Lexi Sias

Neon Puff Girls

Neon Puff Girls by Lexi Sias


Friendship by Lexi Sias

Jiggly Puff

Jiggly Puff by Lexi Sias

Zera and Friends

Zera and Friends by Lexi Sias


Autism... by Lexi Sias

Minnie and friends

Minnie and friends by Lexi Sias

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun by Lexi Sias

I've Got You

I've Got You by Lexi Sias


Mirror by Lexi Sias

I'm Bored

I'm Bored by Lexi Sias

My Pals

My Pals by Lexi Sias

Bent on World Domination

Bent on World Domination by Lexi Sias


Mystic by Lexi Sias

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