Kwame Minta

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Hands by Kwame Minta

Kwame Minta is the oldest of three sons of Akwasi Minta and Stella Dadson. He graduated from South Eugene High School in 1997, and completed the Community Living program.

Kwame lives at home with his Mom, takes a weaving class at Lane Community College, and a painting class at the Hilyard Community Center. Kwame loves to travel; by air, sea, train, any mode of transportation will do. His goal is to live on his own someday.

Artwork by Kwame Minta


Hands by Kwame Minta


Africa by Kwame Minta


Elvis by Kwame Minta

the Elephant Speaks

the Elephant Speaks by Kwame Minta

Bad Mood...

Bad Mood... by Kwame Minta

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