Kawi Chantayanon

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Mother and Son, by Kawi Chanthayanon

Kawi Chantayanon is 29 years old. Currently he is working as a service staff at True Corporation Public Company Limited, a communication company in Thailand.

Kawi was diagnosed with moderate autism when he was 8 years old. However, he could use words to communicate and has a very good memory. Kawi has had an interest in art and music since a young age.

Kawi loves to draw from what he sees and from his imagination. Every time he draws, he feels very happy and proud. His drawings and prints are sold to support youth with special needs at Thai Autism Vocational School. Kawi also loves to play piano, electone and Thai xylophone. He is a founding member of a Thai traditional music band called “Arun-Chandra”.

Artwork by Kawi Chantayanon

Mother and Son

Mother and Son by Kawi Chantayanon

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