Joseph Taylor


Videos available for $15. Send me a message with your address for one.

My name is joseph im a autistic half breed Sioux indian living in a small attic i filled with books about lit and philosophy.

this is my video art. here you will find many found footage pieces as well as films i made.

artists website:

this is my second channel my other was deleted due to some prude who didn't like artist nudity

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in talking more about my videos there is a ongoing discussion about my videos here
feel free to debate discourse and talk

About Me: my name is joseph taylor
i was born among the wet rotting factorys in the black forests of tacoma washington
under the shadow of mount tahoma
born form a laktoa sioux dad anda irish mom
i lived on the pyloulp rez for a few eyars of my life growing up among shacks poverty .

Artwork by Joseph Taylor

The Biography of a Dead Tree

The Biography of a Dead Tree by Joseph Taylor

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