Elad Finkelstein

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Born 1981, Risho Le Zion, Israel.

Uniqueness of Elad stood out from infancy. Motor development, cognition and speech were always very high and he was defined as a gifted child, but hyperactive. At age 4, a medical cause of hyperactivity clearly was diagnosed as PDD. Elad was incorporated in autistic children.

This phase began with Elad's regression, especially behavioral and speech. As an adult he was diagnosed as PDD with slight mental retardation.

Elad is captivating, able to function independently, very empathetic to his family and those close to his heart.

Grains of Elad's art skills were, in his early childhood, his illustrations in children's books, which I used to read and tell him. The next step, was "Creating Books" of his self, then children's stories and books for Christmas by combining all the themes of the holiday. Having painted put them into a book.

Elad's encounter with Mrs. Tova Ben Margi, (an artist in her own right, curator of exhibitions, artistic projects conducted at the Holon Municipality) was very fruitful. Elad faced painting techniques, types of paints and other issues. It disturbs him and he paints very exciting paintings, through which we can learn about the rich inner world, deep and saturated. Things that can not express in words.

Artwork by Elad Finkelstein


Bird by Elad Finkelstein

Black Portrait

Black Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Red Portrait

Red Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Blue Faces

Blue Faces by Elad Finkelstein


Portrait by Elad Finkelstein

Queen of Sheva

Queen of Sheva by Elad Finkelstein

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