David Wheeler

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David loves animals

"I really love to draw. It makes me happy to show others my drawings. It gives me encouragement to try harder when they comment what they think. I enjoy drawing people and animals as it makes me happy to make others happy with whatever I draw."

"I am a perferectionist drawing and I love playing the guitar. I love animals and it makes me sad when they are treated unkindly."

"What would really make me happy is if people would give unconditional love as animals do."

David Wheeler.

Artwork by David Wheeler


Batmobile by David Wheeler

David from the Monkees

David from the Monkees by David Wheeler

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison by David Wheeler

Cat and Puppy

Cat and Puppy by David Wheeler

the Eagle Flies

the Eagle Flies by David Wheeler


Kittens by David Wheeler

Mom and Pups

Mom and Pups by David Wheeler

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